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September 03, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Angel - Fifth Harmony |

They recently released their self-titled album; Fifth Harmony continues to stay strong as a four-piece girl group. Their new album hasn't impressed me, though, and I truly believe it's their weakest album to date. The previous two albums they have released have been killer LPs with every single song on point; this one, however, just doesn't live up to the standard they have previously set. Regardless, "Angel" was released as a promotional instant grat single, and just like "Write On Me", it received a music video. YAS! Thank you! Watch a man fall asleep and dream up Fifth Harmony who proves they are anything but angels in this music video for instant grat single "Angel".

Fifth Harmony are a four-piece girl group consisting of Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke, and Dinah Jane Hansen. They previously were a five-piece, hence the name, but Camila Cabello left the group and has gone solo; if you didn't know already. They were formed on The X Factor (US). This song follows "Down" which featured Gucci Mane - and is the only collaboration on their new album. It's a catchy R&B-style ballad, yet it's nothing on "Write On Me" or the other tracks they released in the past. It did manage to chart in some countries, although no great chart numbers. The song was written by Sonny Moore and Jason Boyd.

Directed by David Camarena, this music video doesn't have a high budget because it was a promotional single; most, of which, don't even get a music video. It's a pure performance visual, that has a slight narrative throughout.

Quite a bit of thought went into the video, especially the opening sequence where the word "Angel" appears in a devilish font. We then see a man lying in bed, clearly dreaming about this four-piece girl group.

For the rest of the video, we watch Fifth Harmony performing the track in neon lights. They bring energetic vibes and quite the aggressive body language as if the camera is their ex - who we presume is the one who is dreaming about them.

The scenes aren't all that memorable and it's not something that will stay in my mind. At the very end, the guy wakes up with quite the shocked expression on his face. It's a good concept, but it's just lacking a lot.
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