Shangela Laquifa - Werqin' Girl (Professional)

September 02, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Werqin' Girl (Professional) - Shangela Laquifa |

After interviewing Shangela for CelebMix, yesterday, I just had to review one of her music videos. Little did I know how incredible the song and the visual will be; call me impressed, as I did not expect this at all! Halleloo! The song certainly reminds me of RuPaul's "Supermodel (You Better Work)", but has Shangela's stamp all over it; it's basically her personality in song form and it totally works. I cannot get enough of this song. Watch Shangela Laquifa Wadley dance, sing, and audition, whilst claiming that she came to work and that she is a pro in this music video for "Werqin' Girl (Professional)".

Shangela Laquifa Wadley, real name D.J. Pierce, made a name for herself by being the first contestant of RuPaul's Drag Race to compete in two seasons. She first appeared in season two, where she was the first to leave; yet, she returned for season three where she popped out of a box and came fifth overall. She has since toured all over the world, co-starred in Hurricane Bianca, and has released a few singles and music videos. She exclusively told CelebMix that she will be in new film A Star Is Born which also stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga; she also revealed that new music will be on the way too. The future is looking bright for Shangela, and she continues to bring it when needed. This song was written by D.J "Shangela" Pierce and C.J. Emmons.

Directed by Camrin William, this music video is a pure performance piece that really puts Shangela in the spotlight. She nails all the choreography and the scenes. It also stars Jennifer Lewis, Abby Lee Miller, Yara Sofia, Jason J. Carter, Josue de la Vega, Vincent Harris, Tony Moore, Jonathan Silva, Francisco Thurston, Samantha Starr, and Mia Fierce.

The opening scene sees Shangela and her girls sitting on a couch as a commercial featuring Abbie Lee Miller comes on asking if you have what it takes for the Abbie Lee Dance Company, suggesting that you should get down to auditions. This is where Shangela calls the number and starts her opening lyrics.

Then Shangela turns it out for the rest of the music video, being fierce at the camera, and dancing like that is what she was born to do. She totally brings it for the music video, adding comedy and showing off her performance skills.

There are various clips such as the scene where Abbie Lee Miller saying no to D.J. Pierce - who isn't dressed in drag. She can also be seen singing along to the lyrics at one point. There's also the dance-off scene which is on point in every way. And, we can't forget about the scene where the dancers leave and Shangela talks about going down the elevator.

Jennifer Lewis appears towards the end, saying that she taught Shangela all that. Also, at the very end is the words "In Loving Memory of Our 'Sista' Sahara Davenport" with Shangela and Yara Sofia holding up a large photo of the drag queen; she died of heart failure in 2012 at age 27. She was a contestant on the second series, alongside Shangela.

Overall, this music video is well thought out and completely fierce. Shangela brings it, she states that she "came to work" and that is exactly what she does. It is low-budget and there are a few scenes that I wish had been done better; however, this is a killer song with a killer music video! Halleloo!
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