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Kept Me Safe - Jack Walton |

We have a brand new music video from Jack Walton. It is a promotion for his soon-to-be-released album and it is EPIC. The song itself is beyond beautiful and is available to download for FREE! I've paid money for much worse songs to support my favourite artists, and I so would've paid money for this extremely gorgeous song. His vocals are just stunning, and the visual accompanies the song perfectly. This definitely excites me for the release of his album, that's for sure. Watch Jack Walton and his on-screen girlfriend in a bedroom as he expresses how he feels about her in this music video for "Kept Me Safe".

Jack Walton is best known for being on the 11th series of The X Factor where he placed 11th. He's gearing up to release his debut album, with this song and video being released as promotion for it. This song serves as a sneak peak to the album and definitely shows the adult he has become compared to his time on The X Factor. He is with The House of Nanchang, who is the music production company that he recorded with, and I presume is the record label that he'll be releasing the album with.

The music video was filmed by Brother Film Co. and displays Jack Walton and his on-screen love interest amazingly; she is played by actress Sydney Craven. If you are wondering where you may know her from, she's been in Eastenders, where she played Alexandra D'Costa; as well as Wolfblood, where she played Hannah.

Shot in black and white throughout - oh how I dislike music videos not in colour unless it represents the past, or has a proper meaning - the opening showcases Jack Walton on a bed singing his song. It's clear he is flooding the song full of emotion, even before he starts to sing; this totally means a lot to him.

The song is metaphorically about his fans and how they've stuck by him completely. The visual spins it about his on-screen girlfriend, who has kept him safe with her love. Sydney Craven comes in, showing off some kick-boxing skills, or so we presume, during her profile scenes. She enters the bed scene where they're teasing and loving; making me jealous with their sweet cuddles - I so want that.

Overall, it's cute, adorable and definitely makes me a bit jealous. One day, I'll have someone who's love will have kept me safe. Right now, I can focus on others, and it's clear that this video shines completely. Not only that but Jack Walton's performance visual shows off how genuine he really is. This totally excites me for the album because this song is pure fire!
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