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September 16, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Go To Work - Nadine |

After writing up an article about this for CelebMix; it's no surprise that I'm now writing it up for my blog since it is full-on fierce and sassy. You go, Nadine! The song is one of my new favourites, even though it does bug me a bit since I'm trying my best to get a full-time job but it's not working out for me. I'd love to go to work and do a 9-5, as Nadine suggests, but no one's employing me however, that's not going to stop me from applying. We received a lot of teasers for this video, so I'm glad it's finally here with all the sass that was promised. Watch Nadine Coyle, from Girls Aloud, act confident, sassy, and fierce as she struts her way into the office in this music video for "Go To Work".

Nadine Coyle is back in the music industry and it has made my life. This new song is full on sass and I love it in every way, the music video is even better! She is best known as one-fifth of Girls Aloud, which parted ways in 2013. They were formed on Popstars: The Rivals; yet, that's not the only reality show Nadine was a part of, she originally was a part of the Irish version of Popstars, where she made it into the group Six before it was found out that she was underage. She's tried for a solo career in 2010 and did moderately. Now, she's back and if this music video is anything to go by, she's determined to put her all in it. This song was written by Sarah Thompson, Florrie Arnold, Brian Higgins, Keir MacCulloch, Kyle Mackenzie, Ben Taylor, Toby Scott, Kris Ryeland, and Nadine Coyle.

Directed by Sophia Ray, this music video is a performance piece whilst alluding to a narrative. It's well put together, and she looks amazing in her red pantsuit with the off-the-shoulders jacket.

The opening scene sees her getting out of the car and arriving inside an office building. She answers a phone call before passing the phone to one of her two assistants. She struts down the corridor, someone passes her a coffee cup which she chucks over her shoulder and glances at the line of workers.

Various typical office scenes can be seen next. They aren't doing much work, more like posing. It's definitely giving me Jennifer Lopez "Ain't Your Mama" office vibes. There's also a hot window-cleaner in the background during one scene.

Then, as the second verse kicks in, the whole thing restarts, with Nadine back in her car. Yet, the office strut scene is a bit different, she has an old brick mobile phone, and the woman passes her a martini glass instead, which she also chucks over her shoulder. I'm not sure why this one is different for, although the following scenes do show off the party side of Nadine; although the brick mobile phone throws this idea out the window.

Overall, it's a great music video, really showing off Nadine as an artist. I'm totally excited to hear her other songs and I hope music videos for them will also follow. I also reckon that this song will climb up the charts as more people listen to it, it's definitely a grower and deserves to chart inside the UK Top 100. The music video is classy and fierce, although the concept is not something I get. Regardless, she gets points for having the guy topless in the background and having water poured over him. YAS!
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