The AAA Girls Featuring Alaska Thunderfuck, Willam & Courtney Act - AAA

13 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

AAA (feat. Alaska Thunderfuck, Courtney Act & Willam) - The AAA Girls |

After interviewing Alaska Thunderfuck on CelebMix the other day, mainly about The AAA Girls North American Tour; I just had to review this music video. This is the lead single/video from their summer-released album "Access All Areas". The comedic song was produced by Sam Sparro and fits well within the album that also includes parodies and hilarious tracks that you all just need to listen to! Watch The AAA Girls, who are Alaska Thunderfuck, Willam Belli, and Courtney Act, perform their comedic song in various scenes where they ride on hoverboards, dance, and go shopping in this music video for "AAA".

The AAA Girls are a three-piece girl group consisting of RuPaul's Drag Race contestants Alaska Thunderfuck, Willam Belli, and Courtney Act. Each of them are from different seasons, Alaska Thunderfuck came joint-second on the fifth season before going on to win All Stars season two; Willam Belli was famously disqualified on the fourth season coming seventh; and, Courtney Act appeared on the sixth season coming joint-second. This is a great team-up with all three drag queens nailing the comedic songs; "Access All Areas" is certainly an album that needs a hell of a lot of credit. It's not a surprise that it's so good as it was produced by Sam Sparro. According to Alaska's interview with me, they will break up, try solo careers and then get back together for loads of money; I sure hope this isn't just a one-album-project as we want more music from The AAA Girls. They also released music videos for "A Lacefront Like This" and "Heather?".

Directed by Kain O'Keeffe, the music video is a pure performance piece. There's choreography, hoverboards, and the girls showing off their personalities. It's clear they had great fun filming this music video.

The opening scene sees the drag queens asleep, it's clearly the morning after the night before, and we sure remember those days. Marco Marco sponsored underwear can be seen on the male models before Courtney Act wakes up.

There are many sponsorships and product placement in the music video, especially from American Apparel. The visuals are bouncy and fun just like the song, with the simple choreography is completely nailed by all three members of The AAA Girls. They're exactly the sort of dance moves we learn at home so that we can do it at the same time as them.

The outdoor scene with the hoverboards looked so much fun, although Alaska did reveal that they feared for their lives since it was filmed with a drone. There is also a quick scene of them on stage performing the song, where they certainly look awesome. Oh, why do I not live in the US? I'd totally buy tickets to The AAA Girls North American Tour!

Overall, this music video is very professional whilst extremely comedic. It works completely and totally relates to the song, even literally at times. It's something I could watch again and again and again. Alaska Thunderfuck, Willam Belli, and Courtney Act fully prove that they deserve to conquer the world as a rising three-piece girl group called The AAA Girls!
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