New Release: The Hunna - Summer

September 22, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Summer - The Hunna |

There have been so many amazing music releases today so much so, that I thought I'd be spoilt for choice for my New Release music video review. Unfortunately, all of my favourite new releases do not have a music video, as of yet. Instead, I came across this one. The Hunna appealed to me today because I remember they did a live signing with HMV a while ago. I didn't go, but I remember considering to spend my HMV points after checking them out; I decided to save them however, that little decision has made The Hunna stand out and I'm interested in what their new music and visuals are going to be like. Watch The Hunna's Ryan Potter spend time with his on-screen lover before getting into a fight in this lovely music video for their single "Summer".

The Hunna are a four-piece rock band from Hertfordshire, England, consisting of Ryan Potter, Dan Dorney, Jermaine Angin, and Jack Metcalfe. They released their first single "Bonfire" in 2015 and it all started from there. Their debut album 100 charted in the UK at number 13, which is a highly respectable chart position. They've been gaining popularity as they continue to promote, tour, and release new music. This song in itself is beyond catchy, and definitely one that will stay in your head all day. It's one of those songs I could see going viral in the next few weeks, racking it up the UK Singles Charts.

The music video was directed by Hamish Kay. It infuses summer in every way, just as the season totally finishes and we launch into autumn. The scenes are sweet and hot; they totally make me jealous since there is a clear connection between our two main characters, and I wish I had that with someone - one day I will.

The opening scene is also the ending scene, we watch the events unfold as we see how Ryan Potter goes from one extreme to the other. It works so well. The couple spend time together in various settings, making us all completely filled with envy. Yet, it's the ending that truly surprises us.

We see another guy chatting up Ryan Potter's girl. Naturally, he goes mad and punches the guy, which just ends up with Ryan being beaten up and left bleeding on the road. To be fair, he could've handled the situation much better; yet, I love how it shows that hitting a person doesn't resolve anything, and actually could lead to you being the one battered and alone.

Overall, it's a great music video concept that relates to the song perfectly. It doesn't have a performance piece, which is a shame since The Hunna is apparently a great band to see live. The fully-fledged narrative is engaging and interesting from start to finish. It does leave the question as to what happened next but apart from that, it's something I can watch again and again. This song and music video needs to go viral!
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