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October 20, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Amya - Antonia |

After reviewing this for CelebMix of course, I was going to review it on my blog as this week's New Release. Antonia continues to impress us all as she makes musical waves. She's come a long way and being on Global Records has definitely served her well. She's fire, fierce, sexy, and totally on point throughout this music video. She's giving it her all and I can't get enough of this song or its music video. Watch Antonia get revenge on a guy as she acts sexily and fashionable with her backing dancers in this incredible music video for her new single "Amya".

Antonia, full name Antonia Iacobescu, is certainly one of the top female Romanian artists around at the moment. Her early hits had a chance to go international, and although they didn't quite chart globally, it still grabbed the attention of many people who became her fans. Recently she has been dropping banger after banger after banger, and this song and video is just another one to add to the list. We're hoping that a new album will be on its way since it's been too long since her debut LP, and considering how catchy her latest tracks are, a full album would be pure perfection. This song was written by Alex Velea and Cristian Valentin Udrea.

Directed by Khaled Mokhtar, we see Antonia continue down her dark path of music videos. "Dor de Tine" was also quite dark, but not to this degree, at all. Antonia clearly wants revenge on her lover, or should I say ex-lover. Who dares wrong Antonia? Like, seriously? Just look at her!

There are two sides to this music video, both of which take place in this industrialised warehouse. There is a performance piece and the slight narrative. It's not clear what this guy has done, but our guess of cheating is usually correct. He's blindfolded and made to sit in a chair as he is hauntingly teased by the girls before Antonia takes his blindfold off at the end and walks away - boy, look at what you've lost! Boy bye!

As for the performance piece, Antonia fully brings it. She's fully connected to the song and is serving it to the camera. She means business all the while looking hot, sexy, and fashionable. She's passionate about the song and performs with an air of energy that transcends perfectly to the viewers.

Overall the music video is fire from start to finish. It would've been nice to see Antonia join the girls in the choreographed dance sequence; as well as give us a more elaborate narrative that explains how the guy wronged this awesome Romanian female singer. Yet, they make up for it during the performance piece with Antonia's complete fierceness.
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