Raluka - Out Of Your Business

October 19, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Out of Your Business - Raluka |

Here's a Thursday Revisit for us all. It's Raluka with black hair when she dominated the Romanian charts with her undeniably catchy songs. Nowadays, she's bringing fire with authentic emotional songs that we can't help but love, but we also can't help loving her old songs too - although we much prefer the red hair. She has a Tulisa look about her during this music video, all the while her music reminds me of Lasgo. Watch Raluka get revenge on a guy whilst acting sexily and totally nailing some choreography in her music video for hit Romanian track "Out Of Your Business".

Raluka, real name Alexandra Raluca Nistor, is one of my favourite Romanian female singers, she's up there with the best such as Inna, Antonia, and Alexandra Stan, amongst others. I had the amazing opportunity to interview her for CelebMix recently, and that was certainly a dream come true. This was one of her early hits when she was totally on form and nailing the Romanian charts. Unfortunately, none of her tracks have ever become international successes, although they certainly all deserve to be. I believe that she will have an international smash one day - with vocals like this and her crazy determination, she'll make it. This song apparently hit number eight on the Romanian Top 100 chart. We believe the song was written by Stefan Mihalache and Cristian Maier.

This music video mainly focuses on Raluka's performance scenes, because sex certainly sells and she is definitely bringing it when it comes to singing the song. There is an interesting but slight narrative intersected throughout.

Mainly, her performance piece sees her lying on a bed, looking directly at the camera. This is definitely the main scene throughout, and she certainly knows how to keep the audience interested. Yet, my favourite performance scene is where she's nailing the dance choreography - in this scene she fully brings it, with her two backing dancers, proving that she can dance. I so wish I get the chance to see her perform live.

As for the narrative side of things, we watch Raluka and her backing dancers ride an elevator and then walk into a business meeting, where her ex is sitting at the head of the table. She proclaims that they're over whilst being a tease and wrecking the place. Now, this is total revenge.

Overall this music video is polished and totally memorable. I feel that the narrative takes a backstep whilst the performance comes to the forefront; when, really, it should be the other way around since the revenge plot is certainly entertaining and grips the viewers throughout. Raluka knows how to perform, that's for sure, but there's just not enough substance there compared to the narrative.
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