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Candyman - Christina Aguilera |

I could've sworn I had reviewed this music video, this song is a total jam and one that the gay clubs in Birmingham have been playing recently. It's one hell of a grower of a song, one that goes off in the clubs now. Truly, I believe it was before its time, and as the years go by, more and more people are appreciating the music video and the song itself. In true Christina Aguilera style, the lyrics are dirty but it's wrapped up in this classic ode to the 40's that we can't help but love in every way. Watch Christina Aguilera singing for the troops while she backs herself up in a three-piece girl group as she brings style, class, and a 40's war inspired look in this music video for "Candyman".

Christina Aguilera is one of the biggest female singers in the world. She is gearing up to release her eighth studio album, which will be her first LP since 2012's Lotus. Such a long timespan between albums must mean that this new one is going to be absolutely incredible; well we can sure hope, can't we? She's released a few songs here and there which have been successful, I truly think she could make a killer comeback; so we all need to get ready for that. This song didn't do as well as we all thought it should've done, and every time we look back at it, we're surprised it didn't hit number one all around the world. It was written by Christina Aguilera and Linda Perry.

Directed by Matthew Rolston, this music video is heavily influenced by the 40's both in style and concept. It has a World War II theme about it with many odes including a tribute to The Andrews Sisters; as well as pin-ups and posters such as Westinghouse's "We Can Do It!" poster, inspiring figures included Judy Garland, Betty Grable, and Rita Hayworth. There is also product placement from Campari; whilst there is also a guest appearance from So You Think You Can Dance season two winner Benji Schwimmer; as well as his sister Lacey Schwimmer.

It's such an incredible music video that it's shocking it didn't win tonnes of awards back in the days. It was nominated for an MTV VMA for Best Direction but didn't win. Honestly, this is solid from start to finish with Christina Aguilera giving it her all.

The opening scene, which can be seen throughout, is completely amazing. There's three Christina Aguilera's together, forming a trio as they sing to the servicemen. The choreography is on point, and she fully brings it in every way. Taylor Swift did something similar in the "Look What You Made Me Do" music video, which just proves this visual and the song was way before its time - how did this not go viral?

Other scenes are less impressive, with this awesome female singer selling sex whilst giving us throwback scenes. It really is a great watch from start to finish. There's a full-on dance scene with the troops, as well as a scene where they are in a plane hanger. We could just imagine how Christina Aguilera performed this song during her tour - now that is something we're so sad we missed out on.

Overall, this music video is completely polished. A lot of hard work clearly went into this, and I cannot believe it was filmed in 2007. It's unforgettable and one that should've won multiple awards. And we can't forget about that milkshake scene, just amazing; one that must've been part of the inspiration behind Fergie's "M.I.L.F. $".
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