Chart Mondays: P!nk - What About Us

02 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

What About Us - P!nk |

This has been in the top ten for so long, I've been waiting for the day I'd review it. Actually, I thought it would reach number one, but I guess Dua Lipa held onto the top spot a while ago with "New Rules", preventing it from getting there. Now, it's falling down slowly, while Sam Smith reigns on top with "No Time For Goodbyes" - which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, hence why I chose something from the top ten this week. I've avoided this music video for several reasons, the main one of which was that the song has been in the top ten of the UK Singles Chart and I knew I'd end up covering it during Chart Mondays one day; but, the other reason, is because this music video makes me cry every time I watch it. It just plunges right into my heart and makes my eyes water. This is one amazing music video and P!nk deserves a lot of credit for this. Watch P!nk stand up for the people of America in this amazing music video where she showcases the LGBT+ community by showing two male contemporary dancers, dancing with each other, as well as other minorities in this music video for "What About Us".

P!nk, real name Alecia Moore, is gearing up to release her seventh studio album, titled Beautiful Trauma. I used to be a massive fan of her, but her last album has really put me off her music; however, this song is totally beautiful and I have high hopes for her new album. It's definitely something I'm going to check out, but I really doubt she'll manage to make me a true fan all over again. This song has truly touched the world; actually, so has the music video. It has charted well around the world, managed to hit number one in Australia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Scotland, and Switzerland. It was written by P!nk, Steve Mac, and Johnny McDaid.

Directed by Georgia Hudson and choreographed by the Goldenboyz, this music video is completely emotional with P!nk really giving it her all - which is certainly something we've come to expect from her.

The opening video showcases the dancers in the video, as P!nk's hair is being shaved off by someone. It shows some of the minorities in America, including LGBT+. A speech is being made as if being said over the radio or on a news TV programme about the government and America as a whole. It's quite a powerful start; one that progresses into an explosion of emotion.

The true start of the music video sees P!nk in the arms of another woman on a deserted concrete lot, surrounded by men, women, children, and families; as well as police cars. This is where the choreography starts, and it truly shows how incredible the Goldenboyz are for creating this beautiful concept.

A helicopter has an important part to play in this music video, as do the two male dancers who take over most of the time in this music video as P!nk portrays contemporary dance between same-sex partners. The dance of which is completely emotional, wrapping the song up and translating into this engaging art.

Towards the end of the music video, there is a full-on dance sequence including everyone in the visual. They all bring fierce fire to the table and we watch on as we see them completely nailing the choreography, in time with one another, bringing it with every second. This is exactly what we needed in our lives, just WOW!

Overall this is an amazing music video from start to finish that makes me upset every time I watch it because I relate to the song and the visual so much! The final group dance sequence is completely lit. P!nk and the dancers give it their all and it comes off polished and complete. A lot of hard work went into this, and boy has it paid off!
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