Cris Cab - Liar Liar

October 29, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Liar Liar - Cris Cab |

This song came to my attention as it frequented a lot of compilation albums that I own on my iTunes. It is a great song, and it's no surprise that Pharrell Williams is listed as a songwriter and singing harmonies in the song's chorus and appears in the music video - it certainly has his stamp all over it. It's Cris Cab's biggest single to date, but it never hit it off in the UK, although it went viral in so many other countries, launching up the charts. It certainly started off his career, and I expect he will continue to bring out catchy songs. Watch Cris Cab and Pharrell Williams in this black and white visual using mirrored imagery and reflections to warp the viewers' concepts and adding risk whilst hiding dangerous imagery, in this clever music video for "Liar Liar".

Cris Cab, real name Cristian Cabrerizo, is an American singer-songwriter who has been building up his career over the past few years with some amazing collaborations. This was his second solo single and definitely hit the charts hard around the world, his follow-up singles have done okay, but nothing compared the success of this song. I expect his working on new music that will be massive once released as he has that voice that truly brings something new to the music industry. This song was written by Dallas Austin, Pharrell Williams, and Cristian Cabrerizo.

Directed by Alex Topaller & Dan Shapiro, this music video warps all of our senses. It has a max mirroring conception that makes it difficult to follow and makes you question what is exactly happening. It's also in black and white, which you all know I don't approve of.

It is a performance piece and Cris Cab certainly attempts to bring it, but I feel like he isn't feeling this song all that much and so isn't performing it to his best ability - or we're just so distracted by the reflections and the symmetry.

There are various women shown throughout, and they remove clothes during some of the scenes, with the mirrored imagery being the only reason we don't see them naked. It feels all kaleidoscopic throughout and the constant movement of the camera and the editing just isn't working for me.

Overall, this video is probably a better concept on paper, but in actual fact, it fails to draw in the viewers. Guys will like the removal of clothes, however they might as well watch other videos for that sort of thing, rather than this one. Pharrell Williams makes a cameo throughout and it's just weird seeing him there but not taking an active role, especially since he isn't featured on the song itself.
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