New Release: Laura Tesoro - Beast

October 27, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Beast - Laura Tesoro |

After reviewing this for CelebMix, I knew this was going to be my New Release - mainly because the song is such a banger and deserves so much more recognition. The music video doesn't live up to the song but it relates amazingly, regardless. Laura Tesoro is one of my favourite singers to come from Eurovision, and she is completely nailing it with her follow-up songs. She deserves to have international success, just listen to her awesome vocals on this. Watch Laura Tesoro train and box before she goes on stage to perform her brand new song in this music video for "Beast".

Laura Tesoro first came to my attention when she was announced as the representative for Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. She sang "What's The Pressure", gaining 181 points, placing her 10th in the Grand Final. She charted with the song in various countries, and followed it up with the awesome track "Higher". Before Eurovision, she came second in The Voice van Vlaanderen season three. Now, this new track is out, and we're all feeling beastly whenever we all hear it. It was written by Mikke Vepsäläinen, Emelie Sederholm, and Elina Stridh.

This music video was directed by Aäron Beyers & Eloi Cyuzuzo Nsanzabandi. There are two scenes going on, one is Laura Tesoro training and boxing, and the other is her and her team preparing for a gig.

She shows her beast side in the training sessions. She is focused and prepared to give it her all, just like she does on stage. It really works together and showcases Laura Tesoro in a light we haven't seen before, allowing her fans to get to know her.

As for the stage side, this is clearly her passion. She enjoys performing and really manages to transcend her energy to the crowd. This is one female singer I hope I get to see live one day.

Overall, the music video really works and totally relates to the song. Laura Tesoro is certainly a rising female singer who we all need to watch out for as she continues to release addicting songs like this one. I sure hope an album is on its way - because we all so want a Laura Tesoro album!
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