Mýa - Ready For Whatever

October 11, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Ready For Whatever - Mýa |

Released today, Mýa is back with a brand new music video. It's completely sensual, which is something we have come to expect from this prolific singer; unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot going on to keep the audience entertained. Regardless, the song is definitely catchy, certainly giving us new Christina Milian vibes - imagine if these two collaborated, now that would be a fired-up track. Watch Mýa be all sexual and dance up to a guy because she is "Ready For Whatever" in this brand new music video.

Mýa, full name Mýa Harrison, has had a lengthy career, she's one of the biggest female singers around; or rather, she was back in the year 2000. She even collaborated with Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, and P!nk for "Lady Marmalade". Let's be honest, we expected her to keep her fame and fully bring out hit after hit after hit. It's unfortunate that it didn't exactly work out that way for her. Regardless, she kept going and became a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, where she came second in 2009. She's focusing on her music, once again, and it looks like she has some killer tracks, and this is certainly one of them. They may not go viral, they may not chart internationally, but they're songs we'll end up treasuring in future years. This song was released in September, but the video dropped today (10 October). It was written by Mýa Harrison, Kevin McCall, Lamar "Mars" Edwards, and Khirye Tyler.

Directed by Dana Rice and Mýa, the music video doesn't have a lot going on at all. It's a pure performance piece that is sexy and sensual, just like the song.

Bringing it as much as she can, Mýa stuns the viewers by fully embracing the song. She also knocks out some killer choreography that makes us hope there is a dance break; unfortunately, that doesn't happen, and we are left hoping for more. Instead of the dance break that should've been there, Mýa dances flirtatiously towards a guy, totally ready for whatever he wants to do.

Overall, I kind of expected a lot more from Mýa. This music video comes off low-budget, to an extent. She should've gone all out and shown us how she would perform this song on stage, rather than trying to be sensual and meaningful, because it just doesn't work.
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