Raluka - Cine sunt eu

17 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Cine Sunt Eu - Raluka |

I previously wrote up about this release for CelebMix so, of course, I was going to write about it on my blog. Especially since I'm a big fan of Raluka. This song is completely beautiful in every way, fully showing off her vocals, more so than her previous songs. This is why I love this so much, and clearly, I'm not the only one because it is racking up the YouTube views. This visual displays Raluka as the brilliant female singer we know her as. Watch Raluka perform her song on a beach, full of professionalism and dance technique in this beautifully crafted music video for "Cine sunt eu".

Raluka is a Romanian singer who has had a number of hits with DJ Sava during her early releases. He real name is Alexandra Raluca Nistor. She has had a great solo career to date with plenty of amazing songs. Her recent releases have been pure fire, and I even had the chance to interview her for CelebMix on the release of "Tattoo" which was an English version of her previous track "Du-ma Spre Noi". She's clearly bringing it with her releases, and her future is certainly bright. I cannot wait to see where her career takes her, I hope I get to watch her live on stage, and I hope she gets to release an album. This song was written by Irina Rimes & Raluka.

Directed by Alex Ceausu, this music video is a pure performance piece visually shown in black and white set on a beach - we all know how much I hate black and white music videos. Although, I'll give this credit as it allows Raluka to fully step into the spotlight and fully allow the shades to blend - not something that can be shown in colour.

As expected, Raluka gives it her all in this music video. She's clearly passionate about the song - the title means "Who Am I" in English whilst the song is about breaking away from a relationship that held her back. The visual shows how strong she is all by herself; she doesn't need anyone else.

Not only that, but Raluka treats us to a choreographed scene that proves she can dance. This is the YAS moment of the music video. Raluka shows she doesn't need anyone, she brings flames of fire and sparks of energy during this dance sequence, just WOW!

Overall, there isn't a lot to this music video, and although relatable to the song, there's nothing at all that memorable. She brings it for the performance, but the black and white visual does leave the viewers wishing there was more to this.
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