Ashley J - Unbreakable

October 18, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Unbreakable - Ashley J |

We have new music from Ashley J and a brand new music video to go with it - that I'm totally loving. She came to my attention recently when the music video to "Trapped" was sent through my email, now I'm a fan and I really can't help it. This music video, however, is probably one of her best to-date, and I literally can't stop watching. The song is crazily addicting too. Watch Ashley J show the process of songwriting, whilst she performs her passionate and emotional new single in this music video for "Unbreakable".

Ashley J, full name Ashley Jean, is building up her career and I am so loving her music to-date. This song is a fan-favourite, and it's not a surprise at all because it is brilliant in every way. Unlike her previous songs, this one is a bit more stripped back, fully exposing her emotions within the song. I was lucky enough to interview her for CelebMix, as well as write up an article on the song and the music video. She's definitely a rising star in the music industry and this song and music video is completely powerful. She plans on dropping an EP very soon - we really cannot wait for that. This song was written by Ashley J, whilst it was produced by Jamie Sellers and Warwick Matthews.

Directed by Ashley J - yes she directed this awesome music video all by herself - this visual is engaging from start to finish, fully showing off all sides of herself. She's beautiful, genuine, sweet, sexy, and focused in this confident visual.

There are various scenes throughout; our favourite is where she's in the woods as she is so confident and genuine during this scene. She expresses herself completely, to the extent where we wish we were friends with her as she'd definitely be an amazing friend to have.

The other scenes show her in her house songwriting. There's the casual day where she has a cup of tea with her - perhaps an ode to London where the song was produced since Britain is known for their tea. There's the sexy evening scene where she has a glass of wine as she writes her song, she then takes it to the piano, later on. Then there's the scene with the mirror as she sings to her reflection as she dyes her hair with Marilyn Monroe framed behind her.

Overall, this is one polished music video. Ashley J completely shows herself off as an artist and as a person in this visual. She displays her songwriting process as well as her confidence - relating well with the song. I cannot wait to see what else she has in store for us in the future.
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