Chart Mondays: Avicii Featuring Rita Ora - Lonely Together

13 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Lonely Together (feat. Rita Ora) - Avicii |

Now, this is a collaboration I have been waiting to write up on my blog. It's been in the Top 10 of the UK chart for quite some time, so I've been waiting for the right moment. At this current time (the backdated time of this blog post, and even now), Camila Cabello has the UK number one with her song "Havana" featuring Young Thug; therefore opening my Chart Mondays review to the UK Top 10. This is at number eight (at the backdated date). It's an addicting song and a brilliant collaboration. Watch Rita Ora be all sultry whilst we watch a narrative of a couple moving through frozen scenes as they are "Lonely Together" in this music video to the Avicii song.

Avicii, real name Tim Bergling who is also known as Tim Berg, has had an amazing career to date and he continues to bring it with non-stop amazing music and collaborations. He's definitely one of the biggest DJs around, bringing in chart numbers from all over the world, which is certainly a rarity when it comes to artists who are DJs; only a few manage to draw in these sorts of chart hits. Featured on this track is the talented Rita Ora who stuns us with her incredible vocals. She truly brings it to this song and it certainly works with the music she has recently been releasing. Once again, she's on top form. This song managed to peak in the UK at number four, it's a shame it never quite got to the top spot. The song was written by Benjamin Levin, Ali Tamposi, Bergling, Brian Lee, Magnus August Høiberg, and Andrew Watt.

Directed by Levan Tsikurishvili & Phillip R Lopez, this music video has two parts, one's a full-on narrative and the other is a performance piece with Rita Ora. The latter certainly disappoints compared to the former, as the lighting is all wrong and she doesn't have her usual performance energy.

This is what's not so great. Rita Ora is usually a stunning performer, have you not seen "Your Song", just wow! Yet, in this, she doesn't have her usual flair, and it might be due to where the video is set and the lighting and the way it is filmed. There is a stark contrast, especially when intercut throughout the extremely clever narrative.

This story is defining in so many ways. How many times have you fallen in love with someone, so much so, that the world seems to stop whenever you are with that person? Gosh, don't we all know how that feels; and, damn, do I miss that right now. But, all of our times do come around, and it will happen again to me, no doubt.

I love how they capture images in this world where only time is moving for these two characters; it's a shame we don't get to see the photos they take. The two stars manage to convey that they're in love with one another and easily represent their relationship on screen. They're having fun and enjoying themselves - that's what we all want in life.

Overall, the music video has two totally different parts and usually this is what makes it good; however, this time around, the dark depths of the performance piece doesn't show off Rita Ora all that well, and when intercut with this amazing narrative, it all just falls a little on the short side. This so could have been epic; disappointingly, it isn't.
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