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12 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

How Long - Charlie Puth |

OMG! Charlie Puth needs - and I mean really really really needs - a choreographer to sort him out. This feels too much like dad-dancing or the dancing from the unforgettable awkward scene in The Inbetweeners. However, there is a slight scene that saves the whole entire music video from being a total disaster - but more on that later. The song is a flat-out banging tune though, and I can so see it gaining momentum and becoming popular. I was saving this for Chart Mondays, but as it jumped into the top ten, Camila Cabello grabbed the top spot with "Havana" featuring Young Thug, and now this song is dropping down the UK chart, unfortunately. So here we are. Watch Charlie Puth dance through downtown Los Angeles in the street and inside a building in this music video for his song "How Long".

Charlie Puth is quickly becoming one of the biggest male artists in the world; he keeps releasing hit after hit after hit, and I have no doubt that his new album is going to be mighty popular. This song peaked at number nine in the UK, which is the exact same chart number that previous single "Attention" grabbed; both songs are addicting in every way and really shows that the new album is going to be something we all won't be able to get enough of. The song was written by Charlie Puth, Jacob Kasher, and Justin Franks.

Directed by Emil Nava, the music video is a pure performance piece that really shows Charlie Puth's confidence and stage dance ability - which isn't much. He isn't afraid of making a fool of himself, and this is what makes this music video a soon-to-be classic.

There are some amazing moves such as flying and wall climbing, which definitely switches up the music video; and, it is great that he can dance freely but there's just no connection to the song and it just comes off so embarrassing.

He's trying to be smooth, casual, and slick, but it comes off quite smarmy. It might've worked a bit better if he hadn't have been dressed in a suit, and the obvious product placement of the Dodge Challenger car suggests there was meant to be a narrative to the music video, especially since there is a love interest inside the car. People say it signifies the woman he got with, versus the woman in the painting who is the person he cheated on.

Overall, this music video has nothing to it, and even Charlie Puth admitted that he wanted to do something random. Music videos should represent the song and transform it into a visual experience for every viewer, and although there are some scenes that link in with this song, this just doesn't work as an overall concept.
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