Bruno Mars - Versace On The Floor

November 22, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Versace On the Floor - Bruno Mars |

Those of you who know me, know I'm not a fan of Bruno Mars; actually, I really don't like the majority of his songs, and this is one of them. But I am so far behind on my blog that I literally hate myself right now, so as I try to fly through catch-up blogs, I don't have time to be picky on the music videos I choose to review and this one literally just came into my head. It wasn't quite a hit for Bruno Mars, but the video sure got people talking. Watch Bruno Mars play the piano and sing a song to Zendaya through the walls of the hotel asking her to take her dress off in this music video for "Versace On The Floor".

Bruno Mars, real name Peter Hernandez, is one of the biggest American male singers in the world. He's dipped into various genres but is mainly known for his R&B, funk, and pop music. His latest album faired pretty well on charts around the world, as he continues to dominate the music industry with unstoppable songs, however his latest singles from this album hasn't exactly been global hits; even though they are undeniably catchy. This is certainly one of them, with its unsubtle lyrics. Unfortunately, this is not a collaboration with Zendaya, although if it were, I reckon it would've got better chart placements since I was expecting her luscious female vocals to break up Bruno Mars' perfectly. This song was written by Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, Christopher Brody Brown, and James Fauntleroy.

Directed by Cameron Duddy & Bruno Mars, this music video doesn't have a lot going on in it. It's a slight performance piece from Bruno Mars, but since he is stuck behind the piano most of the video, it doesn't entertain the audience all that much; therefore making Zendaya with the spotlight - oh why didn't she sing in this?

The narrative kicks off the visual as Bruno Mars steps out of an elevator and walks up to his hotel door, all the while checking out Zendaya, who's just standing at her door waiting to step inside; they share a look before retiring to their own rooms. This is where Bruno Mars plays the piano and starts to sing, clearly very loudly as Zendaya can hear it in her room next door, but instead of complaining, she enjoys the music.

That's about it to this music video, Zendaya - full name Zendaya Coleman - dances around the room, and moves in rhythm to the song. She acts sexily when the lyrics suggest, and eventually, her Versace dress falls to the floor and we presume she's the one who knocks on Bruno Mars' door.

The music video is quite relatable to the song, and it does have the same slow pace as the track. The song isn't all that entertaining unless you enjoy Bruno Mars' risque lyrics that have no subtlety to them at all. I just wish there was something more to this, it's sensual but just not enough. Plus, Zendaya so should've featured on this song, even just for this music video alone.
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