Daddy Yankee - Gasolina / King Daddy

November 23, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Gasolina - Daddy Yankee |

I just had to review this song for my Thursday Revisit, since this is Daddy Yankee's only UK hit before his collaboration with Luis Fonsi, on "Despacito" came along. I've been aware of him ever since, though, and he has collaborated with some of my favourite singers including Inna, Alexandra Stan, and Fergie. It's about time he's gained international success once again, and I'm so glad "Despacito" enlightened the world to Daddy Yankee since he has many better songs than this one to be his identifiable track. Watch Daddy Yankee bring reggaeton to the world as women dance to "Gasolina" all before he switches it up and brings a serious spin for "King Daddy" in this double music video.

Daddy Yankee, real name Ramón Rodríguez, is from Puerto Rico and he has had quite the lengthy career. He's definitely one of the biggest male Latin and Reggaeton artists around. This song is his first international hit, and it even managed to chart at number five on the UK chart. Since then he has made astronomical waves in the music industry, and almost a decade later he returned to the UK Chart with "Despacito", at number one. This time, I imagine Daddy Yankee will stay in the charts around the world. The music video is a double video, the first half is "Gasolina", which is the song that charted in various countries around the world, it was written by Ramón Ayala and Eddie Ávila. Whereas "King Daddy" was written by Ramón Ayala, and wasn't released as an official single.

Directed by Carlos Pérez, the music video is a pure performance visual with very little going on within. Daddy Yankee sure knows how to perform, he's got that hip-hop energy we're so used to seeing from many amazing rappers; however, he brings it in a totally different style, and we fully love it.

As for the women, they can dance but it's all a little awkward as there isn't any choreography, they're just moving to the beat. There's nothing special about them, apart from the fact they are here to sex up the video. Then the video just flips.

When "King Daddy" kicks in, there's a whole serious spin as we see people walking with riot shields. It looks like a narrative will appear, but this doesn't happen and we see Daddy Yankee just continue to perform. He sure has energy, but this is a very basic music video that deserved to have been much better.
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