Hannah Montana - Old Blue Jeans

21 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Old Blue Jeans - Hannah Montana |

Gosh, I've had this song stuck in my head all day! To be fair, you can't really blame me, as it certainly is catchy. I'm delighted to have found the music video, although it is just a stage performance music video, so nothing special whatsoever. Watch Miley Cyrus perform as Hannah Montana and sing "Old Blue Jeans" in front of a crowd during a gig in this music video.

Hannah Montana was a TV series that ran between 2006 and 2011 on the Disney Channel, which saw Miley Cyrus take on lead character Miley Stewart, who lives a double life as an average school girl and a famous recording artist called Hannah Montana. I have never seen a single episode of this series - since I did not have the Disney Channel at the time - but I did see the movie, which was pretty good. There are many catchy songs that have come from the TV show, this certainly being one of them. It later led to some of the songs charting in some countries as Miley Cyrus' own music career launched. The song was never released as an official single, but it did get this music video. "Old Blue Jeans" was written by Michael Bradford and Pam Sheyne.

This is just a concert music video. A pure performance visual, obviously. It really does leave me with little to say. Although, it's clear the audience fully enjoyed the show throughout.

As expected, Miley Cyrus brings it dressed as Hannah Montana; and just like the song she is wearing a hell of a lot of denim, although she's not wearing some old blue jeans, that's for sure.

There's a lot of energy being spread in the music video as they perform with instruments and the dancers are full of life. It really does transcend perfectly to the audience.

Although this is a good gig music video, they so could have given this song a much better visual. There's so much good energy and as a gig music video, it isn't so bad but still could've been better.
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