New Release: Kryan, Fabyan, Yoandri & Micke Moreno - Eres Tu

November 03, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Eres Tu - Kryan, Fabyan, Yoandri & Micke Moreno |

Once again, I wrote up an article about this for CelebMix, but of course, I was going to cover this on my own blog. I am a fan of Micke Moreno since he collaborated with Antonia on the track "El Amor", and he has incredible vocals that he has shown as being an artist on Global Records Latin; so, I can't wait to see what the future brings him. This has really cemented Global Records Latin and displays the calibre of artists on their label. This catchy song will certainly gain momentum for the label and the boys. Watch Kryan, Fabyan, Yoandri, and Micke Moreno come together in this music video that easily shows off the capabilities of each artist for their Latin single "Eres Tu".

Kryan is known for his time on La Voz Teens, where he was a semi-finalist. This is his first official release and is sure the great big step that he needed. I expect him to release more music under this label, along with the other three guys in this collaboration. Fabyan, full name Fabyan Sanchez, is known for his time on La Banda (the show that gave us CNCO). He came sixth in the show's second season, missing out on being in the five-piece group Mix5. He recently released his debut single under Global Records Latin, titled "Sin Ti". Then there's Yoandri, full name Yoandri Cabrera, he is also from La Banda, only from Season One, where he came sixth, missing out on being in five-piece boy band CNCO. After the show, he self-released three singles that have gained a lot of streams, this signing could certainly allow him to go global. And, lastly, we have Micke Moreno, who has already kick-started his career on Global Records with "El Amor", which features the incredible singer Antonia. His vocals are stunning on this single and I can't wait to see what the future brings him. This song was written by Melo Cardenas Brian Andres, Fabyan Dariel Sanchez Lopez, Yoandri Cabrera, Micke Alejandro Moreno, and Alexandru Cotoi.

Directed by Khaled Mokhtar, this music video tells a short story whilst allowing all four guys to shine in profile performance pieces. Engaging from start to finish with a few surprising and unplanned scenes, this visual definitely brings the Latin vibes.

Filmed in Bucharest, the boys declared that the area reminds them of home and that the scenes definitely bring the Latin American vibe, which is certainly the intention. The boys mentioned about there always being a grandmotherly figure in their home neighbourhoods and whilst on set they came across this old woman who was more than happy to be involved in the music video - talk about a great coincidence.

The boys are walking around when they spot some women on a balcony and they flirt for some time before setting off to a club to dance the night away. The boys each have a solo performance piece that truly allows each of them to shine whilst being surrounded by the women.

Overall, this definitely has a typical Latin music video vibe to it. It allows Global Records Latin to put their stamp into this music genre, and it truly works. Each of the guys will, no doubt, start their incredible music careers under this record label and I certainly look forward to following their every step.
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