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Can't Help Myself - Jake Miller |

I have literally just reviewed this for Outlet Magazine (article awaiting editor approval), and I just had to include it on my blog because it is absolutely incredible. It deserves millions more views than it has received, and so I hope I manage to send a few more its way with this blog post, as well as my constant viewing. This is a total must-watch music video, and as soon as I saw it in my email, I knew I would be writing about it because it is truly unforgettable in every way. Watch Jake Miller be some sort of hero in this Mad Max themed music video for his catchy song "Can't Help Myself".

Jake Miller is an American singer-songwriter who was originally signed to a major record label but he is now an independent artist. The album this song has come from is his first album release as an independent artist, titled "2:00am In LA". The whole album is addicting and just shows how passionate he is when it comes to his music. He went viral in the past with his collaboration with Travie McCoy on the song "Dazed and Confused", whilst his most popular solo track is "First Flight Home". This song hasn't gained all that much momentum, and nor has this incredible music video. But it'll be one of my treasured hits, that's for sure. The song was written by Jake Miller and Cade Larson.

Directed by Christian Bresleaur & Edgar Esteves, the inspiration for this music video actually came from Mad Max: Fury Road - so it's no surprise it has a Mad Max theme all around it. It is a fully narrative video, which starts off explaining what has happened to the war, thanks to what the reporters tell us, and Jake Miller also proclaims he is one of the last few survivors.

He awakes in the desert - specifically the Mojave Desert in this case - covered in sand. After searching for some time, he finds a motorcycle and drives away. He comes across a stunning blonde woman who is chained up in a ruined city. Instead of driving off, like he should've done, he can't help himself and has to rescue her.

After shooting off the chains, and the two of them having a moment, the guards spot them and start firing. They shoot his bike and fuel spills from the tank. So now he can't escape, so they hide behind a wrecked car as he fires back. They start running through the ruined town, but one of the guards finds him and pulls the trigger on a handheld flamethrower. They turn around and run but the other guard is around the corner and hits him in the face, knocking him out.

They drag him and tie him to a chair. They throw a bucket of water over him to wake him up, and then this is where the awesome plot twist comes in. The woman he saved turns out to be the ringleader, and it was all a setup. She straddles him on the chair before the guards remove their masks to reveal they are women too, and they're clearly sexually frustrated. They have their hands all over his body before the rest is left to our imaginations. According to Jake Miller, the women use him to populate the Earth.

The final scene in the video sees Jake Miller chained up in an amphitheatre-like arena. For those of you who say it doesn't relate to the song, you are incorrect. Jake Miller can't help himself when there's a beautiful woman involved and look at what's happened. It's a short, yet obvious, correlation between the song and the music video; one that fully works in every way.

Overall, this music video is beyond anything we could've expected. Thinking out of the box, yet relating to the song, is something I love to see when it comes to music videos. It's a different interpretation of the track, whilst still making sense in every way. This is full-on incredible and is more than worthy of the rating below. I hope he releases more film-like music videos.
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  1. Such an amazing song, never really heard of this guy before but wow, got talent... loving the article btw Jonni. D xx