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You Don't Know Me (feat. RAYE) - Jax Jones |

How have I not reviewed this yet? I just watched Top Of The Pops from Christmas Day (this is backdated to the 3rd December, so I am weeks behind at the moment - but I will catch up), and I seriously didn't know there was a music video to this song. RAYE and Jax Jones certainly brought it to the TOTP stage, although this music video certainly falls short in comparison. Watch a young girl dance around a house as RAYE sings the vocals to this amazingly catchy Jax Jones song "You Don't Know Me".

Jax Jones, real name Timucin Aluo, is a DJ from London who has certainly made some incredible waves in the music industry this year; no doubt 2018 will see plenty of hits and collaborations, and hopefully an album. He's released some amazing songs and worked with some big stars. Yet, it was this track which is his biggest solo hit, although I reckon it won't be the only one for long. This track features RAYE, real name Rachel Keen, who is certainly a rising star. She's released some catchy tracks and has received support from a whole range of stars. She's determined to make it in the music industry and you can't knock her for trying as she continues to drop amazing track after amazing track. Watch out for RAYE! This song samples M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade's 2005 track "Body Language" hence the songwriting credits. "You Don't Know Me" was written by Walter Merziger, Arno Kammermeier, Peter Hayo, Patrick Bodmer, Uzoechi Emenike (MNEK), Phil D. Young, Timucin Aluno, Janee Bennett, and Rachel Keen.

Directed by Remy Cayuela, this music video stars a young girl of between 8 and 10 years old who dances around her house - this certainly takes us all back, we've all done this once in a while, haven't we?

There's nothing special about this, the young dancer is incredible in some of the dance sequences however at other times, it's quite average and childish. This would be okay if the song was a children's song, or a song aimed at children or even a song about children dancing, but it isn't.

RAYE appears in the background singing the song whilst relaxing, which loses any chance of a performance part of the music video - imagine going to see her live and see her just sitting there singing this song; yes, I know she wouldn't do that, but this literally just shows how beautiful she is.

The ending is comical to an extent as the girl breaks through to Jax Jones' home where he totally digs her dancing. Regardless, this doesn't work and I don't like it at all. I was going to give kudos for the Jax Jones appearance and the good dancing in some scenes, but upon second look, it's totally not worthy. It does get a few very small kudos for having the cereal box in the kitchen!
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  1. Dancing in mum's oversized red glitter shoes it brings back memories. I also use to wear my mums shoes & clothes while she was out the house. Good tune very catchy. Video is so real. Cute.