Mario Bishchin - Morena

December 02, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Morena - Mario Bischin |

Once again, my iTunes shuffler chose a song from one of my many compilation albums that I have, and it easily got stuck in my head. I am so far behind on my blog, that I'm actually so not happy with myself, but I am more than determined to catch up, before the new year starts, and if I focus enough, I may be able to do just that; so expect my iTunes shuffler to choose plenty more music videos for me to review. Watch Mario Bischin perform this track as a woman is full-on flirtatious towards him in every way in this music video for his song "Morena".

Mario Bischin is a Romanian male artist who has had hit singles in Poland. His biggest hit to date was titled "Macarena", although he has managed to follow that song up with some amazingly catchy ones, such as this one. Could he be an international star in the future? Well, he is Romanian and the artists from that country are set on world domination very soon. He continues to release new music, and who knows what the next year can bring, especially considering the viral hits he has had in the past. This song will continue to be a nice find by myself.

The music video isn't easy to follow, and it took me a few plays to understand fully what is going on. There are two women in the clip, one with dark hair and another with ginger hair. These women must correlate to Morena and Ella in the song.

Morena is the girl who walks out, the one with the dark hair who clearly loves Mario Bischin, but isn't ready to make a commitment and doesn't want to be his "love", hence why they don't work out. This is where Ella comes in.

Ella is all flirtatious over Mario Bischin and it completely shows. However, I am disappointed that they don't kiss at all, this is extremely obvious and definitely makes the whole thing seem fake. They have a night full of passion, where he gets up, leaves his keys in a bowl and walks out, leaving both Ella in Morena and Mario's bed. It's time for him to move on.

Overall this song is a killer and should've been a hit around the world, alongside his other tracks. However, it'll just have to be a treasured track that I'll certainly play during parties. As for the music video, they do their best, but it's just confusing and there's ultimate flirting with no follow-through. Throughout the flirting, Mario Bischin performs his song and he does well, he'd be great on stage as he is full of energy - this stops the disaster of the music video.
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