G-Eazy Featuring Dominique LeJeune - Marilyn

December 07, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Marilyn (feat. Dominique Lejeune) - G-Eazy |

I'm still FAR behind on this blog, but it's time to continue my catch-up blogs with a Thursday Revisit. So, I thought I might as well delve deep into G-Eazy's past, back when many of us didn't know who he was, and review one of his music videos. Luckily, he released this music video five years ago, just about old enough for my Thursday Revisit. It was his second official single, following "Lady Killers" featuring Hoodie Allen, which didn't get a music video. This marks his debut visual, and it is certainly one that captures the attention of the audience. Watch G-Eazy in a lovely relationship which soon falls apart when he cheats on his girl in this addicting music video for "Marilyn" featuring Dominique LeJeune.

G-Eazy, real name Gerald Gillum, has come a long way since the days shown in this music video. It may have only been five years, but he has made strides in the music industry fully establishing his name. As for this song itself, it shows that G-Eazy hasn't tried to fit in, he is still the exact same rapper with his own identifiable yet unique style; we've all just grown to full-on like it to the extent where he's become popular because we've grown to like his music. As for Dominique LeJeune, she has left the music industry behind, for now. She did release her EP, titled "WAKE" back in 2012 through Bandcamp. Since then she's been gigging and singing, but clearly, this is her biggest song. The song appeared on his album "Must Be Nice".

Directed by Tyler Lee, this music video tells a story from start to finish, although the scenes aren't all in order, which is a great way of showing it. The story starts off showing a lovely relationship between our main characters, G-Eazy and his on-screen love interest. Yet, as we expect, things don't stay the same way.

It starts with her in a bed all alone, showing she's not with G-Eazy anymore before we flit into the past where he's making her breakfast. We watch the relationship unfold within the visual. Then we launch into an argument that sees him leaving the house. Memories follow of time they spent outdoors together, taking photos. We then watch as G-Eazy cheating, and his lover finding out.

Now, that's a blow and a half, enough that she drops her beloved camera. The ending sees G-Eazy fix the camera up and leave it on the doorstep for her - so cute. He knows he did wrong and he knows she can't forgive him for it, but at least he fixed what was broken in the hope he can make things right. That's all we can expect of the world. This is a beyond great music video, one I could watch over and over and over again. Oh, why wasn't this a hit? It deserved to have been. It's just a shame Dominique LeJeune isn't in the music video.
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