New Release: White Lynx Featuring Emberlyon - Mysterious Thing

December 08, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Mysterious Thing (feat. Emberlyon) - White Lynx |

Although this states on iTunes that it was released on 4th December, it actually appeared on the UK iTunes store on the 8th December, hence why I'm using it for this backdated New Release. I also wrote up about this for CelebMix. The song is beyond catchy, with Emberlyon reminding many people of Ellie Goulding. It excites me for the following year, as White Lynx is certainly proving to be a phenomenal Romanian DJ that we all can't help but listen to. Watch this young couple do their best to be together whilst her father or grandfather attempts to stop the relationship from forming in this comical and heart-racing music video for White Lynx's song "Mysterious Thing" featuring Emberlyon.

White Lynx, real name Andrei Prodan, has been making a few waves in the music industry this year by releasing infectious collaborations that we can't stop listening to. This is the second time he has worked with Emberlyon and it just shows what a magical team they make. This song is beyond infectious. I truly believe White Lynx has an incredible career ahead of him. As for Emberlyon, real name Georgiana Eakins, not much is known about her. Regardless, she does sound a lot like Ellie Goulding and that will certainly help her to develop a career in music. I am excited to see what the future brings her. This song was written by Georgiana Eakins and White Lynx.

Directed by Tiberius Margaian, the music video is a full narrative visual that relates to the song to a certain extent. It keeps the audience entertained from the very start to the very end, and that's what we need in a music video.

We watch an elderly man in his home. He leaves and a young couple rushes inside and they are clearly attracted to one another. The old man returns and he is not very happy, at all. It becomes apparent that he is related to the young woman, whether she's his daughter or granddaughter - that is something that isn't made known to the audience.

Various scenes follow, where we watch the older guy try to stop this relationship from forming, although at times he has a smirk, suggesting it is all a game and if the couple can make it past his challenges then he'll approve of the relationship; however, it doesn't turn out that way, and towards the end, he captures the young guy and ties him up - yes, it does look a little on the kinky side, but he doesn't stay tied up for long.

As the old man puts the young guy in the car, the young woman comes across the car keys and races to the car, and beats her relative to the vehicle, locking him out. She's won.

Overall, this music video is engaging throughout. There are some seriously cute moments throughout, like when the young guy tries to cheer up his lover. It's cute and clever, yet gets all the viewers' hearts racing when the old man returns. I would've liked to have seen more of a backstory, and maybe a performance piece thrown in too, but as a whole, this is brilliant.
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