Cedric Gervais & Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better

December 09, 2017 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Things Can Only Get Better - Cedric Gervais & Howard Jones

Once again, I'm letting my iTunes randomiser pick the music video I review today. This one got stuck in my head from the minute I heard it today, and lacking any idea of what music video to review, I thought, why not? Especially since I am completely behind on my blog and I seriously need to catch up! This music video is entertaining and the song is such an inspiration to me as things really can only get better! Watch JJ navigate through his day as he gets fired and follows a hot girl into a rave before restarting his day again in this music video for Cedric Gervais & Howard Jones' song "Things Can Only Get Better".

Cedric Gervais is probably best known for remixing Lana Del Rey's "Summertime Sadness". He's one of the top DJs in the world, hailing from France. He has had a number of hits, most of which are remixes or newer versions of popular tracks. He's certainly one of these DJs who come back around and around when it comes to the charts. This song speaks to me on an emotional level. It is a collaboration with Howard Jones, who is a recognisable face in the UK music industry, radio, and on TV. I didn't realise, though, that he was a singer and I am shocked to find out how many amazing hits he has released - I only know him for his TV appearances. He sang the original to this song, which has the exact same title and has a classic new wave style to it, which is expected since it was originally released in 1985. This version was released in 2013 and deserved to be a hit, but it wasn't; whereas the original hit number six in the UK and number five in the US, amongst other chart positions. It was written by Howard Jones.

Directed by Nicholas Cambata, this music video is set in the 1980's but there isn't an old filter to the visual and therefore making it difficult to comprehend that it's set in the 80's. It's a full narrative, with Cedric Gervais making a background appearance.

JJ is our main character and he wakes up to find out that he's been fired by his boss, Sonny. He doesn't seem all that bothered though, and gets up, gets changed, and walks down the street in time to this music as if he has this addicting song in his head. He meets various people on the street before spotting Michelle across the road and following her into this underground club where Cedric Gervais is performing.

This is where we get transported into JJ's point of view and watch the events inside the club unfold as if we are him. Towards the end of this scene, we see a woman blow him a kiss before we return to his bedroom to start a brand new day - or so we thought. It turns out that the day is the same day, repeated. He dons the same clothes and meets the same people on the street, doing the exact same thing. However, what's different this time around, is that Michelle isn't standing on the corner.

Still, JJ decides to see if the underground club is still there, so he follows the same path as the day before. I expected it not to be there, but it is, and once again the club event unfolds. Only this time, when he wakes up, Sonny has called him up and told him that he's getting a double promotion. It's true, things can only get better.

Overall, this music video is well thought out and extremely interesting. However, it doesn't make an awful lot of sense, although it does suggest that things do eventually come your way. It also suggests that clubbing and partying gives you promotions - if only that would happen to me. The song still speaks to me since I only have a Saturday job and have hardly any income at the moment, but I'm determined to change that - things can only get better for me and you and everyone else.
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