4th Impact - It's Not The Same Anymore

21 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

It's Not the Same Anymore (From "Ang Dalawang MRS. Reyes") - 4th Impact |

I absolutely adore this song and its music video. 4th Impact continues to bring their firehouse vocals, and this is definitely a track I could listen to over and over again. Their harmonies are always on point, and that's why I'm so happy I'm finally reviewing this track. Unfortunately, I am so far behind on my blog that I'm trying to go on a catch-up spree, which isn't really working all that well, and I seem to be getting more and more behind each day, but I will catch up, I swear I will! Watch 4th Impact perform their song on some stairs, in a recording booth, and in front of a metal gate as we watch clips from the film "Ang Dalawang Mrs Reyes" in this music video for their song "It's Not The Same Anymore".

4th Impact are a Filipino girl group consisting of Almira Cercado, Irene Cercado, Mylene Cercado, and Celina Cercado. They are known for owning it on talent shows under various names. They came eighth on Superstar K6 and then came fifth on the twelfth series of The X Factor. They have since gone on to release their debut single "Unleash The Diva" and signed to US management. This is their follow-up single and is the soundtrack to Star Cinema movie "Ang Dalawang Mrs Reyes". I previously wrote about this for CelebMix. It was written by Edgar Van Passel and Daniel Van Passel.

The music video is a typical soundtrack visual that is completely on-point in every single way. It has clips of the artist singing the song and clips of the film in extra promotion - which is exactly what we need.

To be fair, the best thing about this music video is that we understand the plot of the film just from the clips shown. This is exactly what we expect to find in a soundtrack music video. If you understand what is going on, without any major twists being exposed, then the editors have done a brilliant job of creating a music video, and that's exactly what has happened here.

Then there's 4th Impact's performance, and gosh do they bring it - nothing new there. They bring it, especially from the clips in the studio and in front of the metal gate. The clips on the stairs are fire in every way; however, we certainly miss their dancing, regardless of the passion they flood this song with.

Overall, this music video is almost perfection. Unfortunately, there are some editing problems, mainly with the film clips having the audio on. I understand that in some of the clips, they wanted to get the humour across; however, without subtitles, people other than Filipinos will understand these jokes. I truly believe that this would've worked so much better without the audio from the film clips.
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