Chart Mondays: Big Shaq - Man's Not Hot

January 01, 2018 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Man's Not Hot - Big Shaq |

I've been avoiding reviewing this for weeks during Chart Mondays, purely because I knew it would be in the Top 10 for some time, and there was bound to be a week where I don't have much choice left. This was the week where Christmas songs dominated the charts, as they do every year. Unfortunately, I had already reviewed all the Christmas song music videos in the Top Ten, so it leaves this one and Rita Ora's "Anywhere" for me to review, but since this is a backdated review, I know for a fact that this one drops out before Rita Ora's song does, so I might as well do this one now. After my first watch, I'm wishing I was reviewing Rita Ora, not going to lie. Watch Big Shaq in Miami performing to the camera and including comedic scenes that relate to his viral track and biggest hit to date "Man's Not Hot".

Big Shaq is a comedic character who is played by English comedian rapper Michael Dapaah. He went viral with this song due to a meme after he appeared on BBC Radio 1Xtra's Charlie Sloth "Fire In The Booth" section where he played both his characters MC Quakez and Roadman Shaq. The previous character released a debut single titled "Balance". It was a freestyle on the instrumental of 67 and Giggs' 2016 track "Let's Lurk" which was first used on 86's "Lurk". It became a complete sensation, and he soon changed the character's name to Big Shaq and then released the song as a single. I very much doubt he'll manage to keep his success and continue having hits, but considering how Michael Dapaah maximised on this popularity, I have no doubt he can do it again. This song was written by Michael Dapaah.

Directed by Marv Brown, this music video starts off with a skit where Big Shaq receives a phone call from Asznee who turns out to be comedian and YouTuber Chunkz. As the video goes on we see various stars appear, including Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Yachty, Jim Jones, Broederliefde, and DJ Khaled, the latter of which calls Big Shaq a "legend".

Throughout, there are some relatable scenes, mainly with Big Shaq not taking his coat off, even when a girl asks him to take off his jacket, or even when he's in a sauna. We sure get that he really isn't hot.

Overall, there's not a lot that I want to comment on for this video. It's comedic to an extent, managing to relate some of the lyrics to the song itself. It's a quality music video with Big Shaq bringing some great energy to the visual, especially when it cuts to one of his gigs. I look forward to seeing if Michael Dapaah can bring another hit to charts around the world; I really believe he can.
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