Girls Aloud - Long Hot Summer

18 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Long Hot Summer - Girls Aloud |

I've had this song stuck in my head all day today, so with lack of anything else to choose from, I decided to review this music video. I kind of remember seeing this, Girls Aloud are certainly serving mechanic sexiness in every way when it comes to this music video - although to be fair, apparently it's 95 degrees in the shade, according to the song. Upon it's release in 2005, the song became the group's worst chart hit at number seven in the UK, a couple of singles later "See The Day" managed to peak even lower at number nine. Watch Girls Aloud dressed as mechanics before stripping off into something a lot more sexy as they work in a garage in this music video for "Long Hot Summer".

Girls Aloud were a five-piece girl group that were formed on Popstars: The Rivals which saw a girl group and a boy band formed by the public and then go head-to-head to hit number one on the charts. They consisted of Cheryl, Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh, and Sarah Harding. They beat the boy band to number one (the boy band were called One True Voice), and later became one of the most successful British girl groups. They are all now pursuing solo careers, with Cheryl being the only one who has consistent success; although, Nicola Roberts has had moderate success with her debut album, and so has Nadine Coyle, the latter of which has released a new EP and is promoting her new music. This song is perhaps a bit before it's time since it easily gets stuck in my head nowadays. "Long Hot Summer" was written by Miranda Cooper, Brian Higgins, Tim "Rolf" Larcombe, Shawn Lee, Lisa Cowling, Giselle Sommerville, and Myra Boyle. The song was intended for the soundtrack to Herbie: Fully Loaded, but the plans fell through.

The music video was directed by Max & Dania. It clearly was influence by the 2005 Disney film Herbie: Fully Loaded, even though the song wasn't included in the soundtrack. It is set in a garage with all five members of the girl group acting as mechanics.

I'm not entirely sure what to make of this, the outfits are fine when they're acting as mechanics but they sexify it up a little too much when they remove their overalls. Regardless, Girls Aloud do look a bit on the sweaty side, allowing us to imagine how melting-hot they are - relating to the song perfectly. Cheryl looks beyond awkward lifting up that tyre.

The most disappointing aspect of the video is the collective dancing. Clearly the choreography wasn't all that good, and even though the girls do their best with what they're given, it still doesn't come off all that well. Overall the song is a shambles but the music video makes up for it to some extent, but it's just not good enough. The song is more of an addictive throwback track.
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