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I told you I was going to complete Hunter Hayes' three-part music video film, titled "Pictures"; so, here we are with part two, and I seriously cannot wait to watch. We finally get to continue the story on this backdated blog post of mine, although I wish I had caught up by now, but you know how difficult I find it to catch up on my blog - but I will do it; I made this bed of mine and now I need to correct it by catching up, although that's certainly not something I can do overnight. So, here's another one of his music videos as I complete the "Pictures" series. Watch Hunter Hayes convey emotion in his performance piece as we watch a female photographer go about her dream as she misses her husband in this music video for "More".

Hunter Hayes truly has it all, a perfect voice, a brilliant way with words, and incredible music videos. He hit it big with his early songs but now he's had the time to really craft his songwriting and his music, and this really shows in his latest singles which just has this caring spin to them. Just like most of his songs, these manage to bring the raw essence of what he wants to present to the world, whilst also being true to himself. His early singles really hit home such as "Wanted" - which is his biggest hit; but if you delve deep enough and really listen to his latest songs, you'll realise he is changing current country music and people really need to realise this and give him the attention he so clearly deserves. This song was written by Hunter Hayes, Paul DiGiovanni, and Richard McGill.

The music video was directed by John Edde & Matt Edde, and focuses mainly on the photographer that we first saw in the part one of this music video film series, titled "You Should Be Loved". The series comes from the paintings that were created in the "Rescue" music video, and therefore slightly connecting that visual to this three-parter, although it is not officially a part of the series.

I had initially thought the photographer's partner had passed away, you will know that if you had read my "You Should Be Loved" music video review. This really proves that I hadn't watched this music video before then as I would've known he hadn't passed away, but instead had been sent to war. Also, this music video reveals that the photographer has a daughter, this isn't exactly made clear in the first part, as I stated.

The daughter reveals that she is missing her father, just as much as her mother is missing him as well. It's sweet to know that they are missing them the same amount, and it's heart-warming to see flashback scenes of the past. I especially love the scene where he calls her brave, yet she reveals that she's only taking photos and that what he is going to do is truly brave.

This loving family is amazing to watch, and she continues to take photos of couples. Towards the end, she goes to a job interview and the interviewer is not happy with the photographs she has taken; she gives it her last shot by showing a photo of an old couple she had taken recently, where the old woman was in a wheelchair. This impresses the interviewer and gives her a job.

We finally see that the father has returned, much to the delight of our main character and her daughter. It's amazing to see the love that family shares, but what's more surprising is the twist of an ending. We end up in the interviewer's home who's partner is also in a wheelchair, much like the old couple that the photographer took a picture of. In comes their daughter, who is Sophie from the first part. Her father asks her where she's been and she professes that she's been out with Bruce - which isn't strictly true. We also find out that she's getting married soon - well that's put a spanner in the works.

The narrative is full, and yet they've managed to give us a Hunter Hayes performance piece throughout too. He's expressive and passionate, although it seems he is stuck beside that car. He must've time-travelled since he still doesn't fit in that time era, yet he's standing next to a classic car. He also fails to move around, at all. Regardless, he still manages to give us performance energy in every way. This is the Hunter Hayes we love.

Overall, this music video is amazing. It really ups the game from the previous one and by just focusing on the one character, we have more of a backstory that really envelopes us as viewers. Hunter Hayes shines, even though there are a few small faults; regardless, I can so overlook them since the storyline is beyond perfect. I can't wait to watch part three.
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