Hunter Hayes - Storm Warning

15 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Storm Warning - Hunter Hayes |

Can you tell that I'm on a Hunter Hayes obsession? This is my backdated Thursday Revisit and I can't believe I haven't watched this before now. I'm also surprised to find out that this song was his debut single. He has to be one of the most underrated male musicians in the world, and have you seen how many instruments he plays in this music video - what a way to represent himself. Hunter Hayes is a star-in-the-making and one song, just one song, will eventually go viral and chart worldwide; it just has to. Watch Hunter Hayes show off his musical abilities whilst performing this powerful and heart-hitting song in this music video for "Storm Warning".

Hunter Hayes is a country music star from America. He's had a few hits, with "Wanted" being his most known and most popular track. He's recently been heading down a country-pop music style in the past couple of years and I'm beyond excited for new music from him - we need another album. He's destined for global success, just listen to his voice, just watch how he can confidently play a variety of musical instruments. "Wanted" should've been his global sensation, and it got pretty close, but I'm sure that he'll have one soon. This song was his debut single and didn't bring chart success all that much. "Storm Warning" was written by Hunter Hayes, Gordie Sampson, and busbee.

Directed by Brian Lazzaro, this music video is a pure performance piece and almost feels like a showcase video. Throughout, Hunter Hayes presents to the world what his capabilities are as an artist, all the while delivering an infectious song that I just simply adore - how was this not a hit?

Throughout there are filters used, emphasising colours and shadows whilst also bringing in segmented video so that more than one piece of footage could be shown at the same time. It certainly brings an interesting aspect to the viewers and gives us more than double the stage presence that Hunter Hayes unleashes. There's also a brilliant snippet where six different versions of Hunter Hayes' are playing different instruments in one frame - so clever.

What we know from this music video is that Hunter Hayes can sing, play the acoustic guitar, play the electric guitar, play the bass guitar, play the piano, play the drums, and play the bouzouki. Now, that is what I like to call a proper artist. He's developed in music completely and this is what truly allows him to shine. This music video is just a pure brilliant performance piece, it's just missing relatability to the song, a slight bit of narrative would've stolen the show - maybe even a woman walking around the set would've worked perfectly. It's just missing that slight thing.
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