New Release: Ruth Lorenzo - Miedo

June 12, 2020 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Ruth Lorenzo is back with an awesome rock-like ballad that is set to make you awe-struck. Clearly gaining inspiration from rock ballad classics, Ruth Lorenzo shines in every way with "Miedo" showcasing her beautifully stunning voice and her range capabilities. The X Factor and Eurovision star easily belongs in this music industry and deserves so much more success, and this brand new single proves just that. "Miedo" is the Spanish word for "Fear" and my rough Google Translate suggests the song is an open letter to Fear itself and Ruth Lorenzo is telling it that she isn't afraid anymore. It's one confident and inspiring song, that just builds and builds gaining strength towards the end.

This track follows up her awesome single from last year, "Underworld", and she has also announced her brand new album Chrysalis, which is expected later this year! 

The music video is dark and simple, yet Ruth Lorenzo knows how to work the camera much like she can work a stage. She has connected with the song effortlessly in the visual and sent out the deep dark emotions at the crucial moments allowing the audience to feel what she is feeling in that very moment. Strong, powerful, and undefeatable - much like the song itself.