Diana Gordon - Kool Aid

22 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

After reviewing the total club hit, "Dirty Talk", by Wynter Gordon, I just had to look at her latest releases, which she's releasing under her real name, Diana Gordon. "Kool Aid" is currently her most viewed music video on her channel, so I thought I'd review this for today. Rhythmically addicting, this track has a lot of indie vibes running throughout with Diana Gordon fully putting her dance music behind her. "Kool Aid" is one of those tracks that will grow on you whilst also getting stuck in your head.

The music video is a performance-based visual that is full of relaxing vibes that Diana Gordon releases as she sings the song. She certainly has star quality in the clips as she performs, easily intriguing the viewers. There's s many cool clips throughout, especially the grass guitar, although I don't have any idea how the opening scene with the turtles links in with the whole concept. Children can be seen throughout, having a good time on set in various costumes and playing with props. It's a good video, just isn't all that memorable and doesn't link in with the song itself all that much.