Chart Mondays: Jason Derulo - Take You Dancing

21 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Cardi B's "WAP" featuring Megan Thee Stallion has gained a third week at the top of the UK charts, and I wonder if that will change come Friday, as there is currently a lot of competition inside the top 10, including this latest entry, which is currently at number nine, and it has been steadily climbing over the last two months or so. Jason Derulo has returned to the sort of hit-pop music that has seen him score top hits over the decade that he's been in the music industry, with "Take You Dancing" easily showing the progression he has had as a pop music artist. The lyrics are very metaphorical insinuating that he wants to take his lover to bed. The track's beat does remind me a lot of Charlie Puth's "Attention", which others have also mentioned, and it has the same addictiveness quality to it, so it's not a surprise this has become a successful single release - and I have no doubt it's doing the rounds on TikTok at the moment.

The music video has a performance narrative throughout - which is typical of Jason Derulo music videos. The opening scene sees a server spark electricity, and Jason Derulo gets a text on his new LG phone, from Movi3 that the internet has gone down before the song fully kicks in. Then the following scenes see Jason Derulo with his on-screen love interest, which is Analisse Rodriguez, a professional dancer and actress, who is also seen in other videos of this song alongside him (she's also appeared in various other music videos); the two showcase an on-screen relationship filled with emotion and passion, and Jason Derulo shines completely as he bats out smooth choreography as if it's easy. It's a great music video and that song is certainly stuck in my head now, but I don't quite understand the very start about the internet going down, like how does that fit in with the rest of the story? The only thing I can think of is that with the internet out they could have some fun in the bedroom instead. It's a really good music video, I just wish the narrative was more clear. The dancing is on-point throughout, I expect nothing less from Jason Derulo, and Analisse Rodriquez is fire throughout the video, she really has the spotlight at times throughout the scenes.