Freemasons Featuring Amanda Wilson - Watchin'

30 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Today I've been on an Amanda Wilson listening spree, and she has one absolutely incredible voice that so deserves 100x more recognition than she's got over the years. I've been critical of her in the past, especially on the Freemason's song and video "Love On My Mind", but I absolutely love her vocals on Tim Berg's "Seek Bromance" and this one, "Watchin'", and so I personally think "Love On My Mind" just isn't the best song and doesn't suit her voice as well as her other singles. On top of that, she's worked with a tonne of producers and DJs, creating some awesome songs, and she also has a new song on its way according to her Instagram. To have been in the music industry for over two decades with various chart hits shows her longevity as an artist and simply how incredible her voice is - I'm now a fan after hearing some of her other songs! The Freemasons have given us some incredible dance classics over the years with this one sampling the R&B track "It's Over Now" by Deborah Cox. I am much more familiar with this club/house version as it was a hit in the UK and is still on rotation in the clubs, even now.

The music video is a purely narrative visual which sees a woman setting up her boyfriend by inviting him to a house party where there are many women partying, all of whom make moves on him and he encourages them to do so. Each of the women whom he flirts with and makes moves on all come back to the girlfriend to let her know everything he's been up to. She's wearing a mask throughout so that he doesn't spot her and then the final scene sees him going into a room where she is and he makes his move and she takes off the mask and he knows he's in trouble. She and her girls kick him out, and I presume they all continue to party together. It's a good video that relates to the song very well and it's a right set-up too, but there's no revenge, there's no punishment apart from him losing his girlfriend, and it's all just a little bit basic, especially since a lot of us can relate as many of us have been cheated on - I sure have been. Considering how strong Amanda Wilson's voice is in this track, I was expecting a much stronger music video. Regardless, it works well with the song and the first few scenes intrigue the audience into the video.