Outsiders Featuring Amanda Wilson - Keep This Fire Burning

October 01, 2020 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Let's keep the Amanda Wilson videos coming since it's time for my Thursday Revisit review. I fully remember this dance song although I'm shocked it only made it to number 80 in the UK, with Robyn's original doing better in other countries and Beverly Knight covering it to chart success in the UK, both back in the '00s before Outsiders and Amanda Wilson came along with this awesome version. I swear I've heard this song played in the clubs in the last few years, although not very often nowadays. Dance music usually is linked to fitness one way or the other and so that also explains the fitness video for the track. The song is total fire, with Amanda Wilson impressing again with her awesome vocals. The lyrics are full of fighting spirit for a relationship - which I totally get as my past relationships makes me understand that I fall deeply and would do anything for the person I'm with, so this song totally speaks to me, I know I just need someone who would do the same for me.

The accompanying music video isn't very engaging for the viewers, even if the song does inspire fitness. I hate that they used the dancers to lip-sync to the song rather than Amanda Wilson herself, she's beyond underrated, and her voice is completely amazing on this track and her other releases - which I'm still listening to on my Apple Music. She's featured on a whole lot of songs that are all worth listening to, and I seriously cannot wait for new music from her. As for this video, it's easily forgettable and there's not much substance to it at all. Also, one of the male dancers looks a lot like Ian Somerhalder, although it is unlikely to be him