New Release: Karmen & BRUJA - Belladonna

October 30, 2020 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Today we have a brand new single and music video from Karmen in collaboration with BRUJA, titled "Belladonna" and I am addicted! Beyond catchy in every way, Karmen shines vocally and visually. It reminds me of INNA's deep house tracks mixed with the vocal brilliance of Antonia. Romanian female singers are totally on top of their game at the moment and Karmen is up there with the best of them. This collaboration with BRUJA allows her to start a new musical journey that brings a new take to Eastern European pop music and I am excited about this era. BRUJA switches up the track with a brilliant rap that further adds to the unique quality of the song, which has been written by Alexandru Pelin, Krishane Murray, Maria Teodora Mizgoi, Octavian Ioachim Petre, and Vlad Lucan.

The music video has a Halloween feel to it, which isn't a surprise since it is Halloween tomorrow. It also goes well with the song as it does have a creepy spooky vibe in the track itself. It is set in what looks like an asylum, which is giving me Lady Gaga "Marry The Night" vibes. Karmen is one of the nurses and she is fiercely working it in the music video as she rolls a guy who is wearing a straight jacket around in a wheelchair. There are split-second scenes throughout that showcases a different reality where Karmen is dressed in black and is knocking out killer dance choreography with a group of dancers. BRUJA is scarily freaky, acting as another patient in the asylum, which adds to the creepy aesthetic of the video and the song itself. This just works as a complete package and I could so watch it again and again.