Marshall Oakman - She's No Doll, She's A Woman

October 27, 2022 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Recently released is this music video by Marshall Oakman for his 2021 song "She's No Doll, She's A Woman", and gosh was it worth the year or so wait because this is such a good music video! It's really refreshing to come across this song, a track that is full of female empowerment, sung by a male singer-songwriter. Marshall Oakman wrote and produced this song, with the full intention of recognising, with appreciation, how much women bring to this world, as a whole.

It's an uplifting song full of power to women and full of respect, and the music video, directed by Ethan Felizzari, follows the essence of the song by adding an incredible narrative, intercut with scenes of Marshall Oakman performing the song with additional backup musicians (Samantha Coughlin on Bass, Hope Woodason on drums, and Daria Meyer on guitar). Marshall Oakman impresses on the keys and vocally during these performance scenes and it's clear there's a lot of passion for the song as you see him giving the song strength and sentiment. Samantha Coughlin, Hope Woodason, and Daria Meyer bring a tonne of stage presence and energy to these scenes too, clearly feeling dedication and devotion for the song itself.

This CK Films production showcases a developing narrative that interprets the song beautifully, as we watch Rosie Dean start off as a doll-like character before coming across a TV programme that reveals women who have changed the world - this new energy brings to light a different way in which she views the world, and she sees strong women out in reality, from incredible autobiographies to women in high-powered jobs, and even incredible mothers in the park. This frees her from who she was before and allows her to become freer and believe in herself more.