Scott Goldbaum - Mourning Coffee

November 27, 2022 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

A twist of words, "Mourning Coffee" is easily a stand-out track by Scott Goldbaum, bringing heart-touching lyrics that are sure to make everyone feel, in more ways than one. This marks his second single from his upcoming EP, following on from his debut single release, "Drive Too Fast". With the help of Molly Rogers on violin and viola, Kiel Feher on drums and percussion, and Kaveh Rastegar on upright bass, Scott Goldbaum has created this awesome folk ballad with hints of indie-rock mixed in. He mixed the track while Reuben Cohen mastered it, making "Mourning Coffee" this peaceful and calming number that hits us right inside. The poetic lyrics are full of so much meaning and integrity, that it's impossible not to relate to this song.

Scott Goldbaum said that "Mourning Coffee" is "the distinction between codependency and partnerships that are chosen and decisively cared for while the world is falling apart around you."

An animated music video, directed by Britt DeVandry, resembles what looks like a gift card, like a virtual gift card, in my personal opinion, which relates well with the theme of the song, and as the video progresses, it really manages to showcase the heart-wrenching lyrics. We watch an insect/bug-type person, sitting on a bench reading a newspaper; a few seconds later, we watch a bird fly across the screen. Later, a blurred person walks up to the bench, sits down and seems to be moving their limbs. As time progresses, we watch the new person start to materialise and we realise they're in an orange hoodie and drinking from a cup however the insect/bug-type person starts to blur and they get worse as time goes on. The most interesting bit is watching the seasons change and how that affects the entire image.