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Jonathan Currinn
Age: 30
From: Birmingham, UK
Degree: Creative Writing & Journalism
Email: jonathancurrinn@gmail.com

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Outlet Magazine
Electric Mode
Modern Magazine
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About Me

Hi, I'm Jonathan Currinn. I am a writer, journalist, author, and blogger. I have been splitting my time between all four of these roles. Giving you great music video reviews on this website, whilst also being a part of The Coffee House, Outlet Magazine, and CelebMix.

This has been a career I've been passionate about since I was young. I've always been seen reading a book, which has easily improved my writing. "Read more, write more."

When I was a child, I used to create my own newspapers. This advanced into reviews for Ciao and DooYoo, which are still available to read. My passion for writing went as far as publishing material online for Lotus Magma: Off The Cuff digital magazine. This was before Critic Jonni was created, and it's still going strong.

My blog has changed and grew in the five years it has been live. Not only that, but my writing style has changed, especially if you delve into some of my very first blog posts. This happens with every blog, and I'm lucky that this is still going. My passion for reviewing music videos is still as fierce as it was when this blog started.

It wasn't long until I went off to Staffordshire University and completed a Creative Writing & Journalism Joint Honours Degree. The three years were the best but most stressful three years of my life. My final year included two projects as well as a few modules; all of which added up to 35,000 words. With my journalism lecturers claiming that I was going to fail, I pulled through and proved them wrong. I met every deadline and came out stronger than ever; my creative writing lecturers supported me throughout. I also became a part of StaffsLive and published a few news articles on that news site.

Since graduating I have continued writing in many different forms. I blog once a day. I submit book reviews for The Coffee House. I'm a music contributor for Outlet Magazine. I am a celebrity journalist for CelebMix.

There have been many side-projects; the biggest of which was releasing "The Power Of Creatures" on Channillo. I also took part in Twitter Fiction Festival 2014. As well as publishing an original story on Facebook in honour of my Grandad passing.

I have many more plans on their way, some of which I will be announcing soon. Stay tuned.