Erasure - Sometimes

Andy Bell has been announced for Birmingham Gay Pride 2016, as a headliner. He was the last act to be announced on 17th March... The original facebook post has been removed, and so I have posted a later post below. Andy Bell is one half of Erasure. This is their biggest hit in the UK, and I mildly prefer it more than "Give A Little Respect", which seems to be their most known song, regardless of the fact that it only charted at number four, compared to this number two hit song. Erasure gives us a full performance, lots of energetic vibes emanate from this group and it works, sometimes.

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Posted by Birmingham Pride on Thursday, 31 March 2016
Erasure are a duo consisting of Andy Bell, who will be performing at Birmingham Gay Pride 2016, and Vince Clarke. They are well known in the UK, with Andy Bell officially identified as a gay icon. They had a string of number one albums in the UK in the 80's and their singles from the 80's, 90's and 00's managed to chart respectfully within the top 40; although no number one singles, this duo is undeniably known in the UK. It just goes to show that you don't need a number one to have longevity. This song was written by Vince Clarke & Andy Bell.

The video isn't all that interesting, the duo can definitely perform, that is very clear, and yet no matter how much energy Andy Bell gives to this song, it still fails to entertain me.

The whole thing reminds me of a Daz washing detergent commercial. How to keep your whites clean, even during torrential rain.

There seems to be a hidden eye amongst the clouds in the sky, and it's clear Andy Bell is loving singing while it's raining.

Yet that is all I can really comment on, There's hints at a narrative, but it either didn't work out, or the scenes were just meant to be exactly what they are. Overall it doesn't feel complete, and definitely doesn't keep me interested at all. But if Andy Bell has still got this amount of energy when he performs on the main stage at Birmingham Pride 2016, he will definitely get the crowd going.
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