Chart Mondays: Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime

Justin Bieber is still dominating the charts, and he is still at number one with "Love Yourself", which is an amazing song, I have to admit. So again Chart Mondays is open to the top 10. Since One Direction has not released a music video for "History", all I am left with is this song, which I have been avoiding as much as I possibly could, now I have no choice but to review this music video. In my personal opinion, Coldplay is overrated, I have never liked any of their songs, they're just not a band for me, and I don't see why they're so popular. When you have an opportunity to monkey around, why not eh? Coldplay are transformed into unrealistic animated monkeys, pulling off the same dad-moves that leaves you embarrassed and quite surprised.

Coldplay are a four-piece band consisting of Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion. They are a dad-band in my eyes; they're the type of band who you'll buy their album just to give to your dad for Christmas or his birthday. However there's clearly a market for these types of songs, and Coldplay are the only ones releasing them, they're unique and are giving them the chart hits. The song was written by the band, as expected and it has charted well worldwide.

The music video used motion capture, similar to which Avatar, the film, uses. The director is Mat Whitecross, and the idea was formed after Chris Martin and Andy Serkis met on a plane.

After watching the behind-the-scenes video, I realised that they originally used more lifelike monkeys in the music video, but apparently they didn't have enough charisma and feeling to their actions. And so they recreated the monkeys to have more of a personality.

The monkeys don't really go on an adventure of a lifetime though. They discover a Beats Pill in the jungle and they start to like the music that is being released. They form their own band, after working out what the drums and guitars were for, although where they came from I do not know, also what is a Beats Pill doing in the jungle in the first place? And where did the hat come from for that one monkey?

Overall, a great concept, however there could have been more of a narrative to the music video. It is mainly a performance piece, and you can really imagine that this is what you will get from a Coldplay gig, dad-dancing and a lot of swaying, and maybe a bit of monkeying around. Not something that I'd go out of my way to see.
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