Hello Christmas - Christmas Without You

Another collective that was released this year, it didn't serve as a New Release since it was released a few weeks earlier, but it still one of the contenders for the charts in the run-up to Christmas. And since it's a Christmas song, it's a part of my Christmas Special 2016. This one consists of 25 online influencers from all over the world; this is why you might recognise some of them; if not, all of them. With a cheerful festive song, this deserves a good chance at hitting the charts hard, but it needs a hell of a lot more people buying the single, so go and buy it now! The Hello Christmas collection of online influencers have fun recording "Christmas Without You" and singing together in this music video, whilst we watch some behind-the-scene footage and a comedic narrative.

Hello Christmas are a collection of 25 online influencers who are: Alexa Mae, Brittany Balyn, BriaAndChrissy (Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers), Cassie Diamond, Carrington Durham, Emma Heesters, Hannah Trigwell, Jake Mitchell, Jayden Rodrigues, Joe Tasker, Julia Van Bergen, Macy Kate, Marina Joyce, Melanie Murphy, Monica Church, Polina Beregova, Riyadh K, Saffron Barker, Sapphire, Shelby Church, Taylor Jones, Toby Randall, VladTeeVee, and Yammy. These online stars have become a sensation by focusing on what they want to do. They're an inspiration to everyone, but you would think they'd easily be able to promote this track and get it to number one but it's just not that simple, clearly. The project comes from Hello Management and came to my attention thanks to Taylor Jones (since I am a fan of his music, it's so good!). So get behind the track and buy it, I sure have and it deserves to climb the charts. The song was written and produced by Jackie Boyz (Carlos Battey and Steven Battey) and The Producers House. The song is in support of Make-A-Wish UK.

The music video was directed by Nick Upshall and is completely festive and Christmassy, but it mostly portrays a performance piece of recording the song.

There is a comedic narration thanks to the filming of Joe Tasker, who arrives late and runs after the bus; then arrives at the studio late; and then, when he finally arrives inside the studio booth, the song is completely done with and there's nothing left for him to sing.

Inside the studio, it's all fun and excitement. All the singers are clearly having the best time of their lives. Some have personally identified with the song adding brilliant emotion; others not so much. Regardless, as a collective, they sing brilliantly. They really have come together on this one.

I love the Christmas decorations and the use of behind-the-scenes visuals to break up the studio booth recordings of the song. It's interesting and comedic. It's full of festive cheer and that's what we needed.

Overall, it's a great Christmas song with brilliant vocals, and the rap just knocks it out of the park! The music video could be more relatable to the song and could've had a bigger narrative, although time and budget may have been reasons as to why we got this type of music video. Nonetheless, it's festive and fun and they clearly all enjoyed themselves, which is what the Christmas spirit is all about. So get behind it and buy it on iTunes now, give it the shot it needs to be number one!
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