Katy B - Katy On A Mission

Katy B is my Thursday Revisit today. This was her debut single, that charted at number five here in the UK. Debut music videos are rarely anything special, and this one follows suit, or so we all thought. Katy B shows her performance vibes as Katy is On A Mission, although what mission it is I am not so sure, apart from giving the club-goers an amazing night out.

EXCITED! Katy B stormed the main stage at Birmingham Pride in 2014 - and now she's back for our 20th year as one of...
Posted by Birmingham Pride on Tuesday, 5 April 2016
Katy B, real name Kathleen Brien, is on the verge of releasing a whole new album, that she will more than likely sing some songs from at Birmingham Pride 2016, which she is headlining. Honey is released at the end of April, and is currently being talked about a lot. Whether it will hit number one like her previous album is something we can't possibly foresee... But her singles from the album hasn't really helped to promote it. This was her debut single and was written by Katie Brien, Beni Adejumo and Geeneus.

Directed by Johny Mourgue, the video shows Katy B and her producer for the song, Benga, performing in a London nightclub, called Matter.

A pure performance based music video, with little snippets of a potential narrative, although it could easily be clips of a behind-the-scenes of the concert.

Katy B performs effortlessly, the song clearly means a lot to her and she really wants to show off on her first music video, and it really does pay off. Benga fades into the background, but since this isn't an official collaboration, it makes sense that he does. Although, Katy B swaps clothes at one point, so are we seeing two different performances put together?

The club-goers are clearly having an amazing time. there's scenes in the crowd, which gives the viewers the atmosphere the clubbers received. Other scenes include backstage at the concert; Katy B and Benga being in a car, as well as out of it; and studio time.

Overall, not too bad of a debut music video, we have definitely seen a lot worse than this before. This relates, it shows a close-to-perfect performance piece, as well as giving us a backstage pass... What more could we have asked for, apart from a narrative, yet that would've been much more difficult and would've, no doubt, cost more. A solid, performance-based music video.
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Katy B - Crying For No Reason

Katy B is one of those singers you like sometimes and then sometimes you don't; she has an amazing vocal range and she sings good songs, but none of them are great, there's just something missing... Or there was until "Turn The Music Louder (Rumble)", that made her look and sound unrecognisable, that was the Katy B I could easily become a fan of, but her other songs are just good, and that is not good enough in this music industry. She has been announced as a headlining act for Birmingham Pride 2016, however I believe other acts that have been announced are just as worthy as headlining as Katy B; if not, more so. However she could easily turn it all around with her new album on the verge of being released, is it going to be a stunner and hit the charts hard? We'll have to wait and see. Katy B attempts to flood emotion in her Crying For No Reason music video, coming off plain and trying too hard.

WE'RE REALLY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE OUR SATURDAY HEADLINER!After storming the Main Stage in 2014 the outstanding Katy B...
Posted by Birmingham Pride on Thursday, 17 March 2016
Katy B, real name Kathleen Brien, has had some hits, my favourite is "Lights On" which features Ms Dynamite (who will also be performing at Birmingham Pride 2016, so there could be a collaboration on stage, especially since "Lights On" is  Katy B's biggest hit as main artist). She hasn't released a song to make me think she's a star, just yet. It does seem her feature on KDA's track "Turn The Music Louder (Rumble)" with Tinie Tempah was a one off, and although she deserves more success, she also needs the songs to get that success. This song hit number five on the UK charts and was written by Kathleen Brien, Gordon Warren and Guy Chambers.

Directed by Sophie Muller, the video is a complete performance piece. I could definitely imagine sitting in the audience watching Katy B perform this song just like that.

However, performance pieces expose artists who fail to convey emotion while they sing. I am pretty sure Katy B could do a much more solid performance of this song, but it seems that they must've chose the wrong day to film this, as it just looks like she is trying way too hard.

This song is meant to mean a lot to her, she's supposed to be crying for no reason, yet there's no tears, no sadness, just a professional singer singing the song amazingly and theatrically, but not emotionally.

Katy B shows herself as a try hard in this music video, and hell, she needs to try hard because her single releases either do exceptionally well, or chart poorly. She's a star that can't win, but try and try she must if she's going to make it in this world. Keep trying Katy B, you're voice is one we need to keep in the charts, we just need amazing songs to go with it!
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Chart Mondays: KDA Featuring Tinie Tempah & Katy B - Turn The Music Louder (Rumble)

Since Adele is still at number one with "Hello". It gives me the chance to review any music video in the top ten. I chose this one due to it has previously been at number one. A simple music video set, with four contrasting rooms, bringing back stripes, polka-dots and all things 00's, Katy B shines out as Tinie Tempah fades into the background. Reminds me of will.i.am's "Scream & Shout" as Britney Spears outshines him just like Katy B is outshining Tinie Tempah.

KDA is an English house DJ and producer, his identity is still unknown, but the song was first known as "Rumble" before Tinie Tempah and Katy B's vocals were added to the song. Tinie Tempah, real name Patrick Okogwu, is on a UK domination, he has had seven UK number ones including this one, and I wouldn't be surprised if he keeps getting to the top spot. As for Katy B, real name Kathleen Brien, this is her first number one. The closest she has ever came to topping the charts was a collaboration with Ms. Dynamite called "Lights On". This has been her recent direction and it's really worked for her, can't wait to see what she releases next.

Reminding me of La Roux's "Bulletproof" mixed with both Kids In Glass Houses' "Gimme What I Want" and Liberty X's "Jumpin'", an '00s idea mixed with a current cast, crew and styling. All directed by Carly Cussen.

Not much to say about this, definitely a performance piece and the camera is on a dolly with a track, hence four different rooms, The choreography is all on point and yet not complicated at all, the three dancers only have one costume, which is slightly disappointing, I think different costume for each set would've been better.

Katy B is wearing something quite revealing and pulls it off amazingly, although I'm not too fond of her blonde wig. Disappointingly contrasts too much with Tinie Tempah's winter clothes, which so does not work on this set whatsoever.

Overall an easy concept; a much done but yet much loved dolly on a track camera movement, seen through films, tv shows, tv adverts and music videos alike; and amazing current stars looking contrastingly stylish.
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Katy B Featuring Ms. Dynamite - Lights On

These are two artists I have never been quite sure what I think of, and this is what I find most difficult about this song, because how can 2 people that I still can't make up my mind on whether I like them or not, create this fantastic club/dance song that I can't help but sing-a-long to. Katy B, real name Kathleen "Katy" Brien, is an artist with an unusual voice, one that no other singer has, and one that, although may not be the strongest, is easy to listen to and one that you could get used to after a few constant listens. She has one of those voices that when you hear it on the radio, you know exactly who it is. Maybe she just ends up getting the wrong song choices? I'm not entirely sure, but her voice fits nicely with this song. Ms. Dynamite, real name Niomi McLean-Daley, has released a lot of songs, including her signature song "Dy-na-mi-tee" which I remember watching on "Top of the Pops" and loving the song back then. She also won a number of awards between 2002 and 2003, but she went quiet for some time. Now she is back and I'm not entirely sure I like her new music path, and it kind of made me unsure of what I think about her. This double act works really well, in my opinion, but maybe others might disagree.

Believe it or not but the writing credits for this song is: Katie Brien and Niomi McLean-Daley, which has totally shocked me, but then again has made me re-think what I think about these artists. I am very happy that this is their own song, I feel like they can put their heart and soul into it because they co-wrote it together (or they wrote their own lyrics and combined them to create the song, which is usually the case). The song is about being in a club and dancing the night away, hoping that one more song will be played every time another song finishes as they don't want to leave yet. For a little twist of fate you could imagine some DJs deciding to use this song as the penultimate song to use, which is a really clever idea, but I bet you they probably play it a few times before, but it definitely wouldn't work as the very last song, because then it would be really unfair.

I'm not entirely sure what to think about this music video, funny that since I don't know what to think about these artists either. I think they've had a lot of freedom to create this music video, since the song is simplistic in the narrative storyline, then they could experiment, and that is exactly what the backing team have done. Which can sometimes work and sometimes not work, in this case it meets it in the middle.

In this video, Katy B looks similar to Amy Studt, only Katy B does look like she's falling asleep like so many have commented on the YouTube video. She is in a club (to an extent, it kind of looks like a studio though), along with Ms. Dynamite. Various other shots picture her in various places. I don't really know why but this music video does stand out from the crowd, which is weird since many music videos are similar to this one, maybe it's just the way both the artists look? Or is it just me?

There's not a lot else to say about this to be honest. The song is currently stuck in my head and will probably be stuck for the rest of today. I don't really like some of the blurriness that has been used as part of experimenting, but these artists are still very new (or are trying to comeback in Ms. Dynamite's case), so I am looking forward to where their future lies.

Overall I should like this song or it's music video, I know this song is extremely catchy, but it's accompanying music video and both the artists, I'm not entirely sure what I think, which is weird since I rarely feel this way. The music video does link in with the song, but it has also been experimented with because the song lyrics have given a lot of leeway.
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