UK Entry: Lucie Jones - Never Give Up On You

Never Give up on You - Lucie Jones |

I'm kickstarting my Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Special today! This has proved popular every single year on my blog and I'm happy to bring it back once again. As per usual, I will start with my home country, the United Kingdom, who was represented by Lucie Jones with her song "Never Give Up On You". She totally nailed it on the night, just a shame the public didn't give her more points, so I'd like to thank the juries (didn't think I'd ever be saying that), for giving us much-needed points. The UK scored 111 points, placing Lucie Jones 15th; most of which came from the jury who gave 99 points, whereas the voting public only gave 12 points. Once again, Lucie Jones stuns in this performance-based music video for the UK's entry into the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with "Never Give Up On You".

Lucie Jones first came onto the scene when she competed in the sixth series of The X Factor, where she came eighth overall, after losing the sing-off against Jedward - who went on the represent Ireland twice, in Eurovision 2011 and Eurovision 2012. Afterwards, she took on some films and TV roles, and then, later, went into stage productions and performed in the West End. She, finally, returned to music and became the UK's entrant to the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. The song will most-likely chart in the UK come Friday. The song was written by Emmelie de Forest (Eurovision 2013 winner), Daniel Salcedo, and Lawrie Martin.

The music video is completely performance-based, which isn't needed for a Eurovision music video since we get a performance visual on the stage. Regardless this isn't too dissimilar to the staging of her song this year, including the certain stage scene and making it the main focus point on stage.

There are a few scenes throughout. One sees Lucie Jones classy and beautiful with her hair in waves, styled in a red dress. Another sees her with messy hair but still looking pretty, yet it's just a headshot. Then there's the silver dress, her looking very classy again with her hair properly curled.

No one can deny she gave it her all on the night, and she does the exact same in this music video. But I can see why some people find the song 'boring', but she does perform it amazingly. This should've got more points, and it's disappointing that it didn't. Regardless, the UK is behind you Lucie Jones, and you will chart this Friday. There's not a lot to this music video, and I'd rather watch the Grand Final performance than this music video if I'm honest, which can be found at the bottom of this post.
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