Moldova Entry: SunStroke Project & Olia Tira - Run Away

Run Away - Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira |

The song that created the Epic Sax Guy meme, I was hoping there would be a music video for this song so I could review it for my Thursday Revisit, and here I am. SunStroke Project, in collaboration with Olia Tira, represented Moldova in Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, with this song. They won the right to represent their country by winning O melodie pentru Europa 2010; and they came 22nd at the Grand Final with 27 points. Luckily for us, SunStroke Project returned seven years later and represented Moldova in Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with "Hey, Mamma!", where they did even better in the Grand Final, coming out in third place. It really shows how much of a difference seven years has made; yet we're still waiting on an album with this song and their new Eurovision 2017 song, come on SunStroke Project! Watch Olia Tira shine throughout this performance-based visual compared with SunStroke Project in this music video for "Run Away", where the Epic Sax Guy meme was born.

SunStroke Project are a three-piece group consisting of Sergei Yalovitsky, Anton Ragoza, and Sergey Stepanov, who have represented Moldova at Eurovision twice, to date. They went viral when Sergey Stepanov was turned into a meme called Epic Sax Guy; then, upon their return in 2017, they hit the Eurovision scoreboard hard, managing to come third overall; "Hey, Mamma!" was my favourite out of all the contestants and I voted for them to win. I hope they continue to push for success, as I truly believe they could bring some saxophone flavour to charts around the world. As for Olia Tira, she's mostly known for this track, although she has attempted to represent Moldova at Eurovision a number of times, not quite making it to the Eurovision stage. She has collaborated with SunStroke Project often in their bids to represent Moldova. She even tried something new in 2014 by competing under the stage name FLUX LIGHT, but that didn't work either. She needs the right song to win, as SunStroke Project proved in 2017. I truly believe that if she keeps trying she'll make it to the Eurovision stage again, all by her own though. This song is catchy, but it's more because of the backing track rather than the singer's vocals. It was written by Anton Ragoza, Sergey Stepanov, and Alina Galetskaya.

The music video is a pure performance piece, with some of the scenes shot amongst the crowd, giving the viewers a live feel of the stage performance.

There's not a lot going on, but Sergey Stepanov does take over the song with his Epic Sax Guy routine and song, which defintiely switches this track up.

Many have noted that Anton Ragoza is just as memorable with his light up violin, with many calling him Epic Violin Guy.

There's not much to this song, and there's not much to this music video either. Olia Tira takes centre stage when it comes to her solos but her vocals aren't on form and it just doesn't work all that well, the same goes for Sergei Yalovitsky. Luckily, he has worked on his voice in the past seven years, and he was much better at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.
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Moldova Entry: SunStroke Project - Hey, Mamma!

Hey Mamma - Sunstroke Project |

Here's my favourite Eurovision 2017 song, the one I spent all my phone credit voting for; the one, I felt, should've won the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. If only the juries had voted more for this song. It will forever stay as one of my all-time favourite Eurovision songs, and I cannot wait to see what the future brings for SunStroke Project. They are a trio I need to see live! They came third overall with 374 points, 264 came from the televote and 110 came from the jury vote. I would've loved to have seen these guys win. The music video for the song is very relatable to the song itself and is absolutely perfect in every way. Watch SunStroke Project perform their song whilst frontman Sergei Yalovitsky plays nice in front of the mother of his girlfriend, just like the Eurovision 2017 song "Hey, Mamma!" suggests.

SunStroke Project are a three-piece group consisting of Sergei Yalovitsky, Anton Ragoza, and Sergey Stepanov. They have extensively attempted to represent Moldova at Eurovision a number of times, which has definitely made them a household name in Moldova. They firstly atempted in 2009 where they came third, then in 2010 they competed again with "Run Away" as a collaboration with Olia Tira, in O melodie pentru Europa, where they won and went on to represent Moldova in Oslo, Norway, where they came 22nd in the Grand Final. Their performance went viral as Sergey Stepanov's saxophone solo turned into a meme titled Epic Sax Guy or Saxroll. They next competed to represent Moldova in Eurovision 2012 with Olia Tira in show Selecția Națională, but didn't make it to the show. Next, they tried in 2015 with two songs in O melodie pentru Europa, both songs made the semi-final but they had to choose only one to compete with; they came third in a collaboration with Michael Ra. Then 2017 came along, which they won and subsequently came third at the Grand Final of Eurovision, Moldova's best placing since they debuted in 2005. The song has charted throughout Europe; it's extremely catchy and I can never get it out of my head. It was written by SunStroke Project and Alina Galetskaya.

The music video is both a performance piece and a narrative. It makes a change to see a polished perfect Eurovision Song Contest 2017 music video, it's rare to see any Eurovision music video going for it fully. This is certainly the best music video from this year, for sure.

The performance piece of this music video is very subtle, with Epic Sax Guy totally taking centre spotlight at all the right moments. It's fun and all three guys look totally sexy. Their dance moves are sultry and totally in-sync; whoever thought toe-tapping would be sexy? They nailed it so much, and these visuals were found on the backing LED display when they were on the Eurovision stage.

As for the narrative, where do we even begin, it is literally so so so good! We watch Sergei Yalovitsky step off the elevator and meet his girlfriend and her mother, who he hands some flowers too. They sit down at the small kitchen dining table and there are various occasions when the mother decides to draw his attention away from her daughter.

Then we step into the vocalist's daydream, without realising, where the daughter gets up from the table and starts to mix ingredients together whilst removing her clothes sexily, until the mother whacks him on the head with a rolling pin. Back to reality, they're still at the table, chatting. Other daydreams appear, including his girlfriend shoving him onto the bed and teasing him sexily. The final dream is them getting married, but as he lifts the veil, it's the mother standing at the altar with him - however this is a proper dream and he wakes up in the bed, topless, with a massive smile on his face as he sees his girlfriend by the window, also topless.

This is a well thought-out music video. It works completely and totally relates to the song in every way. The song is about telling the mother of a girl they're dating, not to worry about him and that he will look after her. The music video brings a comedic twist to this story of the song, and it so friken works! This is my winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.
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Moldova Entry: Lidia Isac - Falling Stars

A typical Eurovision song that definitely should've made the final, but it all went wrong. With only 33 points in the first Semi-Final, Lidia Isac's music video for Falling Stars is my next video to review for my Eurovision 2016 Special. This was a good song with a good performance. However on stage, with Lidia Isac, was an astronaut, which is a definite no-no when it comes to Eurovision. Lidia Isac gives a great performance of Falling Stars in this music video, going with a plain theme and a simple visual.

Lidia Isac has been competing in Moldova's national finals for the past four years, finally succeeding in 2016. Previously she entered either as a solo singer or as a duo in group Glam Girls. This amazing vocalist should definitely have made the final of Eurovision, if it weren't for that astronaut. End of the day, she has stunning vocals, and definitely deserved to win O Melodie Pentru Europa 2016, just a shame she didn't make the Grand Final. With strong vocals, and her desire to work in music, I'm sure this won't be the last we hear of Lidia Isac. Maybe she'll take another shot at representing Moldova, she certainly has the voice to do well in the competition. The song was written by Gabriel Alares, Sebastian Lestapier, Ellen Berg and Leonid Gutkin.

The music video has no substance to it, her strong vocals are complemented by a strong performance that she definitely displayed during the first Semi-Final, however there's no sign of an astronaut in this video.

Slightly more understanding, this video is a pure performance piece that includes falling star confetti, which definitely links in with the song.

No more visuals, Lidia Isac does the best she is given with, much like on the day of the first Semi-Final. There was nothing more she could do in this video or on the Eurovision stage. Hopefully, she'll make a much deserved comeback, because with a voice like that, who needs theatrics?
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