Netherlands Entry: The Common Linnets - Calm After The Storm

My Eurovision Special continues regardless of the fact that I'm in the middle of a Halloween Special. I've been lucky recently with my New Release and Chart Mondays slightly relating to my Halloween Special, but this music video isn't haunting or scary whatsoever. So this looks totally out of place on my blog, although the thumbnail looks quite mysterious. The Common Linnets represented The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. They came second with 238 points. For a country song to be in the Eurovision alone is an amazing feat, but for it to do this well is amazing! The Common Linnets walk around the woods and the beach in this black and white music video for "Calm After The Storm".

The Common Linnets are a four piece country band that have had a major line-up change since the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. They consisted of Ilse DeLange, Waylon (Willem Bijkerk), JB Meijers, and Matthew Crosby with the addition of Rob Crosby. Nowadays, Waylon and Rob Crosby have left the group and Waylon has been replaced with Jake Etheridge. The band was chosen through internal selection to represent the Netherlands. They went on to release a self-titled album which did well internationally, as well as re-releasing it with additional tracks. The song did amazingly globally, and at times even charted better than the winner of Eurovision 2014. The song was written by Ilse DeLange, JB Meijers, Rob Crosby, Matthew Crosby, and Jake Etheridge.

The music video is completely shot in black and white. We watch as Ilse DeLange and Waylon walk through the forest, in what looks like a barn, and along the beach.

As the song plays you can feel the emotions they have for each other flow between them.

There isn't an awful lot going on in the music video, a lot of suggestive relationship content, but it's more of a visual piece, a lot of close-ups but no performance or narrative. Shadows play an important role, but they're not developed enough. Not memorable, not relatable, and not engaging at all.
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