Paul Morrell & Katherine Ellis - That Ain't The Way (To Show Me Love)

That Ain't the Way (To Show Me Love) - Paul Morrell & Katherine Ellis |

He's returning to Birmingham Pride, Paul Morrell is back and he's a part of my Birmingham Pride Special. I missed out on seeing him last year as he was on early, and the same will probably happen this year. Last year, I was dying to see him due to the fact that he had released a collaboration with Chris Leonard called "Move", the video of which is no longer available, but I'm still obsessed with that song. However, it's this one that is Paul Morrell's most popular video to date, probably because it's a collaboration with professional vocalist Katerine Ellis, who has worked with a variety of big names. Watch Katherine Ellis perform this song in this black and white visual for her collaboration with DJ Paul Morrell titled "That Ain't The Way (To Show Me Love)".

Paul Morrell is a DJ who has been going for many years. He's known for promoting some of the up-and-coming stars. His collaborations include Mutya Buena on "Give Me Love", Chris Leonard on "Move", Sonique on "Only You" and "What You're Doin'", Kimberly Wyatt on "Givin' It Up", and so much more. He had a DJ set at Birmingham Pride 2014, Birmingham Pride 2015, and Birmingham Pride 2016, it's clear he loves performing at this event since he keeps coming back year after year. Establishing a career as a DJ is not an easy thing to do, but Paul Morrell is definitely not one to give up, and slowly it is paying off as he gains recognition all around the UK. As for Katherine Ellis, she's sung so many amazing songs, and even featured on the Gravity soundtrack. She has worked with the Freemasons, Soul Avengerz, Roger Sanchez, amongst many others. This song sure is catchy, but reminds me a lot of Tom Jones & The Stereophonics' version of "Mama Told Me Not To Come".

There isn't a lot to this performance-based music video, where photography was done by Max Ellis. It uses a black and white filter, which doesn't help the visual all that much.

Unfortunately, Katherine Ellis doesn't give off great performance vibes. She fails to interest the audience and keep us entertained throughout.

There's not much else going on, but the editing is intricate, as we see Katherine Ellis appear a number of times in a scene as if they're finishing off the lyrics for one another. It's clever; yet, not engaging.

This music video is not good at all. Katherine Ellis has no stage presence in the visual and as a viewer, it's not something we would optionally watch again. The song isn't so bad though and after a few listens it could get stuck in one's head; yet, the accompanying music video doesn't help the song at all.
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New Release: Paul Morrell Featuring Chris Leonard - Move

Struggled to choose a new release this week, so many new singles without a video. This is a common occurrence lately, and I'm not liking it, one day I won't have a new release to review for you guys as I literally won't be able to find one, hopefully that day will never come but it is inevitable. Found out about this on Twitter, although it was released two days ago, it's available to chart, even though it is unlikely to do so.

I have just found my new favourite male vocalist! Looking overly sexy and gorgeous Chris Leonard is the star in this video, long gone are 5th Base, Out Of The Blue and Stereo Kicks on The X Factor days, he's gone solo and such a great decision. Paul Morrell looks stalkerish, but moves around well.

Paul Morrell is a DJ who has been setting stages alight for many years and have collaborated with some well known stars such as Mutya Buena, Katherine Ellis, Kimberly Wyatt and Sonique. He hasn't had a chart hit yet, and although he is good enough to get one, I think he's content with the way things are going. As for Chris Leonard, he is the guy to look out for. He was previously in a band called 5th Base, who then changed their name to Out Of The Blue, he then became a part of The X Factor's supergroup Stereo Kicks who have now disbanded, like an eight male group was ever going to work properly. Now he's gone solo, and he has a sensational voice worthy to stand alone, and he is good looking as well. This song alone has made me a fan of his music, and a fan of his looks, move over girls!

Chris Leonard has the spotlight on him in this music video. Looking handsome and cute, his eyes are gorgeous. Definitely camera friendly for sure, he has a great style team behind him. The plain black tee and ripped skinny jeans is definitely in right now and a great contrast to the abandoned building he is performing in.

Paul Morrell just appears, he's creeping round corners and he also has a flare on hand.

Performance wise he does well, conveys the emotion needed for the song, boy does he mean every word he sings. He's extremely sultry whilst hugging the girl, this guy was meant to be in music videos.

I don't quite get the rabbit costumes, I presume this video was released in time for Easter, hence the bunnies, but the feather girls? I have no understanding of the reason why they were used.

The main focus is on Chris Leonard performing in the abandoned building, with Paul Morrell lighting a flare up. It doesn't relate to the song, apart from the girl Chris Leonard is holding close (wish I could swapped places with her). Overall a professional video, with an amazing catchy song, a good looking vocalist with an amazing voice, and a DJ who likes to creep but can definitely play the tunes. Not a bad effort in the slightest, just going to buy the single now from iTunes.
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