Serbia Entry: Tijana Bogićević - In Too Deep

In Too Deep - Tijana Bogicevic |

Another great song and artist that just missed out on the Grand Final; however, at least Tijana Bogićević is a part of my Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Special. I much prefer the music video over the staging production of this song during the second Semi-Final. "In Too Deep" is an amazing song that I could listen to again and again. She represented Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, she gained 98 points during the second Semi-Final coming 11th, just three points short from Denmark's Anja with "Where I Am"; she got 53 points from the jury vote and 45 points from the televote. Watch two dancers perform as if they're submerged in water, "In Too Deep" of one another's love in this music video of Serbia's Eurovision 2017 song by Tijana Bogićević,

Tijana Bogićević has been singing for many years. She first came to prominence when she released "Cudo". She has released many singles, her first being in 2009, and previously entered the Serbia national selection in 2009, titled Beovizija, but only made it to the semi-finals. She next went on stage of Eurovision 2011 as a backing singer for Nina. Now, through internal selection, she got the Eurovision 2017 spotlight on stage but missed out on making the Grand Final by three points. Regardless, she's gained more fans from around the world, and I'm totally interested in what she brings next. Her song and performance reminded me of Ira Losco's "Walk On Water". This song was written by Borislav Milanov, Joacim Persson, Johan Alkenas, and Lisa Desmond.

The music video is mainly a performance piece, that sees Tijana Bogićević on a metal hoop which is attached high above; almost like a swing. She looks serene and confident up there, high above.

The other side of this music video is a man and woman who are dancing to this song; interpreting it into this choreographed dance scene that has a lot of watery elements to it - just like the song.

It works well, but I feel there isn't a lot of substance to this music video. It's very basic, yet at the same time it's been edited well and filmed well. The water scene was a nice added surprise, and yet there isn't much going on in the water either.
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